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Assembly of Representatives

The Assembly is the CIEH’s professionally focused forum designed to consider the current issues affecting the profession. It influences the CIEH governing boards and committees. The Assembly provides opportunities for the regions, branches, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and student representatives to bring forward professional issues they consider are important and current for further debate and consideration.

In addition to its important debating and influencing role, the Assembly also oversees and approves all the appointments to the CIEH Governance Structure (Board of Trustees, Risk and Audit Committee, Professional Standards and Policy Committee and the Qualifications Standards Committee).

The Chair of the Assembly of Representatives sits as an adviser on the Board of Trustees and also acts as an ambassador for the CIEH membership.

The Assembly is supported by the regions, branches, SIGs and student community.

The Assembly Representatives are:


Rosemary Lee, manifesto, r.lee@cieh.org  

Deputy Chair

Jonathan Hayes, manifesto, j.hayes@cieh.org 


Jonathan Hayes, manifesto, j.hayes@cieh.org
Mike Bailey, manifesto, m.bailey@cieh.org  

Cymru Wales region

Mark Elliott, manifesto, m.elliott@cieh.org

East of England region

Julian Halls, manifesto,  j.halls@cieh.org
Keith Moles, k.moles@cieh.org  

East Midlands region

Matt Daft, manifesto, m.daft@cieh.org
Andy Statham, manifesto, a.statham@cieh.org  

Education and Research SIG

Maurice Brennan, manifesto, m.brennan@cieh.org 

International SIG

Sarah Johns, manifesto, s.johns@cieh.org
Alan Page, manifesto, a.page@cieh.org  

London region

Steve Miller, manifesto, s.miller@cieh.org
Peter Brown, manifesto, p.brown@cieh.org  

Northern Ireland region

Steve Cooper, s.cooper@cieh.org
Tom Crossan, manifesto, t.crossan@cieh.org  

North East region

Tim Deveaux, manifesto, t.deveaux@cieh.org
Les Milne, manifesto, l.milne@cieh.org  

North West region

Rosemary Lee, manifesto, r.lee@cieh.org 
Hayley Robinson-Mitchell, manifestoh.robinson-mitchell@cieh.org 

Port Health SIG

Martin Walker, m.walker@cieh.org

Scotland region

Patrick Mackie, p.mackie@cieh.org  

South East region

Alan Higgins, manifesto, a.higgins@cieh.org 

South West region

Peter Archer, p.archer@cieh.org
Claire Turbutt, manifesto, c.turbutt@cieh.org  


Emma Baker, manifesto, e.gall@cieh.org
Lewis Rogers, manifesto, l.rogers@cieh.org 

Yorkshire and Humber region

Mark Hodgson, manifesto, m.hodgson@cieh.org  

West Midlands region

Charles Yarnold, c.yarnold@cieh.org
David Holmes, manifesto, d.holmes@cieh.org