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Hotel Owner Fined over poor hygiene

18th September 2009

A Blackpool hotel owner who breached 13 food hygiene offences has been fined £3,700 and ordered to pay £990 costs.

EHOs from Blackpool Council inspected the Golden Beach Hotel, 595-601 South Promenade in May last year and uncovered a string of offences.

Freezers were covered in green mould, food was found past its use-by date, some by up to nine days, and there was a cross-contamination risk in the refrigerator. Officers also found the kitchen floor covering was split and damaged, so could not be properly cleaned. There was no hot water provided to the hand washbasins or sinks and a member of staff was seen washing up in cold water.

The owner, Mr Aheed Sultan, had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges at Blackpool magistrates court, claiming that while the hotel was trading, food was not served from the kitchen.

He changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced on 12 August this year after EHOs tracked down guests who had stayed and eaten at the hotel at the time. They also carried out an investigation with the local cash and carry, which revealed the owner had placed an order only two days before for food items, including catering size packs of bacon and sausages.

Carolyn Bland, specialist public protection officer, said Mr Sultan had been warned previously that failing to comply with food hygiene regulations would result in legal action.