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First CIEH training centre in Sri Lanka

Kris Murali (left), CIEH managing director, presents Ali Badarneh with the Charter for Sri Lanka’s first CIEH training centre in Colombo.

The centre was established by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and will deliver food safety training in Sri Lanka to build capacity in the island’s tourist and hospitality industries.

The Norwegian government provided the funding for the centre, and for training eight local food hygiene specialists to deliver the CIEH’s food safety qualifications at levels 1 and 2.

The centre plans to start operations shortly, with 250 successful candidates expected before the end of the year. This is the first in what is hoped will be a number of UNIDO-CIEH projects in developing countries throughout the world to build know-how and support growth in local economies. Mr Badarneh has been an active CIEH trainer in the Middle East, having set up a CIEH training centre in East Jerusalem in 1998.

Mr Murali said: ‘The CIEH is particularly pleased to be in a position to assist in capacity building and enhancing of food safety standards, thereby delivering on its mission to improve public health.’