CIEH updates health protection toolkit

The CIEH has recently updated their Health Protection Regulations 2010 toolkit and the latest version is available on the website 



In 2010, new health protection regulations were made under the amended Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 which set out the reporting requirements for notifiable diseases, infections and contaminations which present or could present significant harm to human health.

The new regulations also provide local authorities with a range of measures that can be used to prevent, protect against, control or provide a health protection response to an incident, spread of infection or contamination that could harm or has the potential to cause harm to human health.

The CIEH developed the interactive toolkit so that Environmental Health Practitioners had an accessible and plain-speaking document that could help them interpret and apply the regulations effectively, especially in an emergency.

The toolkit has recently been updated to reflect the renaming of organisations with responsibilities for health protection measures, primarily affecting Public Health England, as well as correcting clerical errors in the original version.

The authors of the toolkit are Ed Hele, Principal Environmental Health Officer at Lewes District Council, and Lisa Harvey-Vince, Senior Health Protection Practitioner at Public Health England South East. CIEH’s Ian Gray and Dr Graham Bickler, formally of Public Health England, acted as the editors.

The toolkit is divided into three sections corresponding to each area of the health protection legislation and for each area of action there are draft templates of relevant letters or notices that EHPs can copy and amend to suit their organisations brand and style.

Ian Gray, Principal Policy Officer for the CIEH, said: “The toolkit continues to be very useful for a range of officers and I am very grateful to CIEH members Lisa Harvey-Vince and Ed Hele for continuing to review and update the toolkit.

“Now that we have updated the toolkit we want to take this opportunity to remind our environmental health colleagues working in local authorities that they have a duty to provide a written report to Public Health England on all occasions when Part 2A Orders have been used, both successfully and unproductively. Your report must be provided as soon as practicable and within 10 days of the application being granted, dismissed, withdrawn, varied, or revoked.”

The toolkit includes a template report form on page 66 to help EHPs write up their submissions and Public Health England has established a dedicated email address for EHPs to submit their reports.

For further information about the toolkit and the associated regulations, email Ian Gray.

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