Latest edition of the CIEH’s environmental health journal now available

The latest edition of the Journal of Environmental Health Research (JEHR) has been published and Volume 15 is now available on the CIEH website. 

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The JEHR is a peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original research papers on various topics that have a bearing on public and environmental health. The Journal features articles, literature reviews, law reports, proceedings of conferences and symposia, as well as commentaries on technical and professional matters.

The editor-in-chief, Dr Chris Day, Education Manager at the CIEH, and he is supported by an editorial board including CIEH Wales Director, Julie Barratt, Dr Jill Stewart, Senior Lecturer and Research Lead for the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Greenwich, and Dr Marie Vaganay, lecturer at the University of Ulster and course leader for the Masters in Environmental Health Management programme.

This issue of JEHR includes six research papers from various academics and environmental health practitioners working in the field, including:

  • ''Inspector of Nuisances’ to ‘Environmental Health Practitioner’: a case study of title change in the professionalisation process’ by Norman Parkinson
  • ‘The influence of economic and social factors in determining housing outcomes in North Devon 2001–2011’ by Kerry Parr and Ian Higgins
  • ‘Designing healthier catering interventions for takeaways in deprived areas’ by Susan Bagwell
  • ‘Noise induced hearing loss in music therapists: a case study’ by Leah MacMahon and Alan Page
  • ‘Nuisance, permitting and planning’ by Tim Everett (CIEH President)
  • ‘A phenomenological investigation into the ethical positioning of EHPs in relation to the work-based situations they encounter’ by Mark Hardwick

Dr Chris Day said that JEHR seeks to provide a means of communicating research activity in the field of public and environmental health to the professional community, especially focusing on practice-based issues.

“This is the third edition I have had the pleasure to review, but even in this short time its relevance has grown as a vehicle of promoting the efforts of a new breed of ‘practitioner-research’ seeking to build the evidence-base in support of intervention” said Dr Day.

“For those who haven’t submitted a paper to us before, I would encourage you to share your experiences on the job as it is through these true-to-life settings that we can build the firm evidence-base so important to improving the health and wellbeing of others.

“Don’t be put off if you’re not especially skilled in producing research as you can get in-touch with an academic at a local university or college and the CIEH has also recently launched a research mentor scheme to encourage and support environmental health professionals to share their work.”

Dr Day added: “Finally, I should like to thank the contributors to this edition of the JEHR through whose efforts we can appreciate, a little better, the challenges of the real world.”

If you would like to speak to the editor to discuss items for publication, letters and comments on the content of the Journal and suggestions for book reviews, email Dr Chris Day.

Details on how to prepare and submit papers are available on the ‘Notes for Authors’ page.

The CIEH has launched a new research mentoring scheme with Dr Alastair Tomlinson to help EHPs conduct research and how best to share it with colleagues and other stakeholders. For further information click here.

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