Research excellence recognised at inaugural presidential awards

This year’s National Conference saw Tim Everett, President of the CIEH, present two awards to Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) who have excelled in the field of research.  

Danny Baker and Tim Everett 

Danny Baker receives his Junior Researcher of the year award from CIEH President, Tim Everett

Tim Everett introduced the ‘President’s Researcher of the Year Awards’ as a cornerstone of his tenure and the inaugural awards were presented to Danny Baker and Professor David Ormandy at the CIEH 115th National Conference.

Danny Baker, of MAS Environmental Ltd, took home the Junior Researcher of the year award following a paper he submitted titled ‘Application of noise guidance to the assessment of industrial noise with character on residential dwellings in the UK’. Mr Baker personally received his award from Mr Everett at the Conference dinner event on Tuesday 20 October.

The ‘Researcher of the Year’ award in 2015 was bestowed upon Professor David Ormandy of the University of Warwick for his paper entitled ‘Thermal discomfort and health: protecting the susceptible from excess cold and excess heat in housing’.

Prof Ormandy had co-written the paper with Dr Veronique Ezratty and was presented the prestigious award when he visited the second day of the CIEH’s National Conference on Wednesday 21 October, where he gave a presentation at a workshop dedicated to discussing the ‘Housing Health and Safety Rating Scheme’.

Tim Everett, who was elected President of the CIEH for a three-year period on 1 January 2015, said at the beginning of his tenure he had three core themes: promoting the environmental health profession to employers, raising the profile of mental health as part of improving public health, and encouraging research and the sharing of knowledge.

“I am very keen to help build up our evidence base, which is why for the next three years I am personally funding these research awards,” said Tim Everett. "While research degrees and articles in peer-reviewed journals are important, we also need to encourage our members to write their good practice up any way they can so that so that we know which interventions are best and when.

 “The two papers were the best examples received this year and both Danny and David thoroughly deserved to be recognised for their submissions.”

Tim Everett added: “Research and knowledge management are important tools to help the environmental health profession stay relevant in a changing world. I look forward to seeing next year's submissions for these awards.”

To help EHPs produce and publish research, the CIEH’s Education and Research Special Interest Group is launching a new mentoring scheme on 12 November in London.

Click here for background information about the National Conference.

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