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Special interest groups

In addition to belonging to a region, members join one of four special interest groups as part of our membership package. Each is dedicated to a different environmental health area of interest and provides specialist information, opportunities and events to those who choose to join.

Joining a special interest group

Please contact our membership team to help or provide more information.  

Membership network review – find out more and have your say!

The CIEH is changing the membership network and, after initial conversations with volunteers and members, we have put together proposals that we think will deliver a more inclusive and agile network. Find out more by downloading our growth with purpose document. 

We would like to hear your suggestions on how we can make this work for you. Importantly we would like to know:   

  • What elements do you see as potentially working well?
  • What do you see as potential barriers to implementation and how can these be best managed or eliminated?
  • What other improvements can you suggest to make this work for you as volunteers and as members?

Send your response to Sharon Smith, Regional Stakeholder Manager: s.smith@cieh.org or complete the online anonymous survey form here. 

This phase of consultation will be completed on 14th November 2017. 

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