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Special Interest Groups (SIG)

As well as belonging to a region, members can elect to join a Special Interest Group (SIG).

Membership of one SIG is free of charge. There is a small fee for membership of additional SIGs. In 2014 this fee is £26.00 per additional SIG.

There are SIGs for EHPs working in Port Health and the Commercial and Independent sectors.

Members interested in international environmental health may want to join the International Special Interest Group.

For members interested in education, training and research you may wish to join the Education and Research Special Interest Group.

CIEH members can join one SIG free of charge. If you wish to join more than one SIG, there is a charge of £26 per additional group which is added to your membership rate when renewing. If you would like to join a SIG, please contact the membership team and they will happily assist you.

Any 50 members can petition the CIEH Council for the establishment of a SIG covering their particular area of interest.

Petitioners are required to demonstrate that their needs cannot be met adequately at a regional level.