New Series of CIEH Technical Food Workshops

Price: Member: £224 | Affiliate member: £324 | Non-member: £324


‘Are we sure our food is safe to eat?’ A question being asked by consumers around the country after a summer that has been filled with news of contaminated eggs, pork products and food recalls.

CIEH is please to launch our new series of one day technical food workshops that deliver a comprehensive understanding of the Food Safety and National guidance.

Designed for Food professionals, these new courses will focus on three common areas of concern in food safety and will provide practical guidance that will help you to better understand threats to food hygiene.

You will have an opportunity to undertake interactive workshops using real case study examples and Q&A session with industry experts, equipping you with the skills and knowledges to effectively tackle risks in food safety.

To book or find out more, click on the topic links below.


Reducing the Risk of E.Coli
  E. Coli O157: Tools & Techniques for Risk Control
22 November – London 
Microbiological Criteria
  Microbiological Criteria and Listeria Monocytogenes
29 November – London 
Sous Vide
  Sous Vide and Low Temperature Cooking
04 December – London 
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