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Welcome to the policy section. Here you can learn about how the CIEH makes policy. You can also learn about the different areas of environmental health and the work that environmental health practitioners do and you can access all of our publications, including our consultation responses.


World Environmental Health Day 2015  CIEH Manifesto  How we make policy 
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Policy topics


Environmental Protection  Housing  Food Safety and Nutrition 
Health and Safety  Public Health  Climate Change 
Better Regulation     


Latest news and announcements from the policy team


arrow  CIEH JSNA Research 2014 - Environmental health contribution to JSNA August 2015 
arrow  The Queen’s Speech 2015 and implications for environmental health June 2015 
arrow  Revised guidance for EHOs and others on hoarding and how to approach it June 2015 
arrow  Building more homes on brownfield land - Joint response to DCLG consultation March 2015 
arrow  Response to a consultation by the Royal College of Surgeons’ Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee March 2015 

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