The impact of smoke-free legislation on indoor air quality in bars in Northern Ireland

Published: April 2010

ISBN: 978-1-906989-09-5

Topic(s): Public Health

Type(s): Report


This publication presents the results of a study undertaken by the CIEH N. Ireland in partnership with Health Service Executive, University of Ulster and Public Health Agency. The aim of the study was to assess the impact of the 2007 comprehensive smoke-free legislation in Northern Ireland on indoor air quality within licensed premises, and in particular bars.

Concentrations of PM2.5 were measured in a total of 76 bars pre introduction of legislation and three months following the introduction of legislation. The same measurements were taken in a total of 59 Bars 12 months after the introduction of the legislation. Airborne nicotine was measured in 51 bars pre legislation and in 50 bars three months post legislation in two of the four sampling locations. A questionnaire was also distributed to a member of staff in each of these 51 bars pre legislation and again three months post legislation.

Overall the study demonstrated a significant positive impact on air quality in bars and the health risks associated with exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

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