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Chartered Status

Chartered Status Declarations 2015

Chartered Environmental Health Practitioners are required to make a simple annual declaration that they have met their CPD requirement.

The declaration can be completed online.

If you had any difficulties with your CPD in 2015, or have any questions about the form please contact us at chartered.status@cieh.org.

Becoming a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner is a landmark for your professional career as well as for the profession itself. Chartered status is a quality standard for EHPs. Those who have achieved it are seen as exemplars and ambassadors for the environmental health profession.

Chartered status is not for everyone, but if you are able to 'go the extra mile' and achieve it, your efforts will be worthwhile for both your professional development and your professional currency.

Benefits of Chartered Status  

Fellows or Voting Members with Chartered status may use the special designatory letters CFCIEH or CMCIEH respectively.

Chartered Environmental Health Practitioners are also issued with a CIEH Chartered EHP logo that they may display in email signatures, websites, business cards and professional correspondence. If you have Chartered status and would like to request a logo, please email the Membership Team and include your membership number.

Requirements of Chartered Status  

Members with Chartered Status are required to do 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) rather than 20. They must also make an annual CPD declaration confirming that they have complied with this requirement.

Applying for Chartered Status  

A new gateway to Chartered status was launched in July 2013. This is the Chartered Status Assessment, which serves as a verification of a member's professional development.

The fee for the Chartered Status Assessment is £155 (there is no charge for applicants who have passed APC or Part Two of APD).

To gain Chartered status, you will need:

  • 5 years of work experience as a qualified EHP
  • Graduate or Voting membership of the CIEH
  • 60 hours of CPD accumulated within the last 3 years

And either:

a. To have gained eight points in the Chartered Status Assessment; or
b. To have passed parts one and two of the Assessment of Professional Development; or
c. To have passed the Assessment of Professional Competence

Full details of the requirements are included in the Chartered Status Operational Procedures and guidance document below.

If you have any questions relating to Chartered status, please send an email to the Membership Team.


Adobe PDF iconChartered status assessment guidance   
Adobe PDF iconChartered status operational procedures   
Word iconChartered status application form    
Adobe PDF iconElectronic Chartered status application form   
Word iconChartered status application form (for members who have passed APC or APD)