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Portfolio of Professional Practice (PPP)

The Portfolio of Professional Practice (PPP) is a CIEH assessment that forms part of the pathway to qualification as an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP). The portfolio will eventually replace the Experiential Learning Portfolio (ELP) and is available to all candidates, including anyone currently undertaking the ELP who wants to switch to the PPP. The portfolio is based upon the concepts of experiential learning and reflective practice and requires candidates to undertake a range of interventions, develop a range of skills and reflect upon their experiences. The interventions and skills are divided into five intervention fields – Food Safety, Health and Safety, Housing and Health, Environmental Protection and Public Health.

The following documents provide guidance on the PPP. It is recommended that candidates familiarise themselves with the guidance before embarking on the portfolio.

There is also a wealth of information and discussion about the PPP in the Student Members forum on MyCIEH.

Students who have completed a degree programme accredited under Curriculum 2011 are reminded that they must pass their PPP before applying for the Professional Interview.