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Spring 2017 marks the launch of CIEH’s brand new work-based learning programmes, and the beginning of a new way of working together with our profession and the public they train and protect. It’s something we call ‘Partners in Professionalism’.

In 2016 we undertook extensive engagement with our corporate clients, our training partners and our network of trainers on the front line. We learned a lot about what we do well, but also where we had opportunities to make training more efficient as well as more impactful, and how we can work together to deliver the best learning outcomes for you and your customers.

Partners in Professionalism Information Pack

Find out more about the new way of working which we call 'Partners in Professionalism', and the first in our series of new work-based learning products, by downloading our Information Pack.

Why choose CIEH?

We believe that five things set our new work-based learning products apart:

Expertise icon
  Expertise – the only Chartered body for environmental health, with more than 130 years’ history of educating our profession
Agility icon
  Agility – empowering you to customise learning content and delivery, to suit your timetable and your scale
Scalable icon
  Value – a cost-effective, scalable pricing model that supports you no matter the size of your audience
Reputation icon
  Currency – training that’s backed up by the brand, reputation and expertise of one of the most influential voices on public health and safety, with international recognition
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  Progression – access to the largest dedicated community of environmental health professionals, and a growing portfolio of accreditation options

Our new work-based learning products

In spring 2017, we introduce six new work-based learning products, the first in our brand new portfolio, and each designed and awarded by CIEH:

  • Introductory Food Safety
  • Foundation Food Safety
  • Intermediate Food Safety
  • Introductory Occupational Health and Safety
  • Foundation Occupational Health and Safety
  • Intermediate Occupational Health and Safety

A smarter way of working together

We know that you’re looking for greater flexibility, pace and control of your training, from design to delivery. And we’ve listened. Our new products come with a new, more collaborative way of working, designed to put you in control of your training design, delivery, assessment and marking, empowering you to offer more adaptable and dynamic learning for your customers and employees. Here’s how the process works.

  1. Appoint your Accountable Officer (available 3 April)
  2. Establish a formal training contract
  3. Apply for your annual product licence (available 18 April)
  4. Access your training materials and supporting guidance (available 01 May)
  5. Purchase assessment credits and commence training delivery (available 11 May)

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Join the conversation

Put your questions direct to our team on Twitter using #partnersinprofessionalism, or join our official LinkedIn group.

Things work better when we work together. 

Current qualifications until 28 April 2017


“Investment in our staff is a key priority. Training is important to help retain staff, improve morale and maintain an able-bodied and motivated workforce. Our partnership with the CIEH ensures we comply with legal requirements and create a safe work environment using a credible and trusted brand.”
Michael Allsey, DHL    

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