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CIEH Level 2 Awards in Food Safety (Refreshers)

Who needs this qualification? 

All candidates who have taken the CIEH Level 2 Awards in Food Safety are recommended to take a refresher course three years after completion.

Why is this training important? 

Food safety regulations and best practice are constantly changing and in order to guarantee safe food to consumers, food business operators must ensure their employees are kept up-to-date.

  Refresh candidates’ knowledge of food safety
  Complete the CIEH Level 2 Food Safety qualification portfolio
  Encourage best practice within the workplace
Learning outcomes 

  Understand the importance of food safety procedures and reporting and how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety
  Understand effective personal hygiene practices, their importance in food safety and their role in reducing the risk of contamination
  Understand how working areas are kept clean and hygienic
  Identify the sources and risks to food safety and understand the importance of keeping food safe

Useful links for centres and trainers 

  Manufacturing Qualification Specification  
  Catering Qualification Specification  
  Trainer Registration Form  
  Centre Registration Form  


Duration  Duration  Half-day programme
Assessment  Assessment  Multiple-choice exam
Prerequisite  Prerequisite   Level 2 Awards in Food Safety 
Suggested Progression  Suggested Progression  Level 3 Awards in Food Safety 

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