CIEH Level 2 Award in Manual Handling - Principles and Practice

Please note: this qualification will be withdrawn on 31 January 2017.

More information can be found on the Voluntary Surrender of Recognition page.


This qualification, aimed at those who carry out manual handling at work, provides essential information about manual handling hazards and their control.

To give you maximum flexibility it can be delivered as a half-day programme for learners who only wish to gain the CIEH Level 2 Award in Principles of Manual Handling. Those who need to learn about practical manual handling techniques should stay on for a further half-day training session and assessment to gain the full CIEH Level 2 Award in Manual Handling – Principles and Practice.

Who needs this qualification?

  All employees who have to carry out any manual handling activities at work, including both industrial and office workers.

Why is this training important?

Under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, employers are required to take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of injury to employees – this includes suitable training. The CIEH Level 2 Award in Manual Handling – Principles and Practice combines both the theoretical and hands-on elements of the subject and teaches learners techniques to lift, carry, push and pull objects safely within their individual capabilities.

Learning outcomes

  Identify and understand the risks associated with manual handling
  Learn the value of risk assessment and how to apply it
  Make recommendations to manage risks
  Apply the principles of safer handling to a range of everyday manual handling tasks

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  Qualification Specification  


Duration  Duration  One-day programme
Assessment  Assessment  Multiple-choice exam and practical assessment
Prerequisite  Prerequisite   Level 1 in literacy, or equivalent
Suggested Progression  Suggested Progression  None

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