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Non-registered trainers and training centres

Becoming a CIEH registered trainer or training centre

Becoming a CIEH registered trainer or training centre has many benefits. Our regulated qualifications are recognised throughout the UK and over 10 million candidates have already been awarded CIEH qualifications. There are currently over 10,000 CIEH registered trainers and training centres. Our examinations and support materials have been developed in over 19 different languages. This page explains how to go about registering with the CIEH.


If you are a trainer, you need to register with us for each subject you wish to deliver, in order to make sure that you meet the criteria needed. And you will need to work through a training centre in order to deliver training in CIEH qualifications.

Training centres

Training centres – including higher education colleges or private training centres – administer training and often work with many different trainers. If you are a training centre and wish to register with the CIEH, you need simply to complete a registration form and send it to us with a registration fee.

New centres applying for registration with the CIEH can pay by cheque or credit card. Once registered, centres can either continue to pay by credit card or can pay on account. Payment on account is available upon the successful completion of a credit check. Credit application form.

Why deliver CIEH qualifications?

CIEH regulated qualifications are highly valued by organisations because they:

  • Meet all legislative requirements in health and safety, food safety and environmental protection and are respected by professionals in these fields
  • Meet national standards for knowledge and skills
  • Decrease the risk of incidents in the workplace
  • Are recognised by businesses throughout the UK
  • Provide a framework that is easy to adapt to specific sector or company needs

Trainer and centre charters

Successful registrants will receive the CIEH Trainer or Centre Charter and Agreement, setting out the principles to be followed in delivering CIEH qualifications. The Charter certificate shows that you meet the standard required by the CIEH.

The choice of professional trainers and training centres

CIEH qualifications are the choice of leading trainers and training centres because:

  • The CIEH provides all registered trainers and training centres with ongoing support, guidance and training – our standards of customer service are second to none
  • The CIEH provides a range of additional free services, including the CIEH Course Finder website which lists contact details of all registered training centres
  • The CIEH’s new-generation learning materials are developed by leading educationalists and industry experts and are recognised by employees as the benchmark in safety training
  • The CIEH is supportive of multimedia and online learning and automated testing
  • The CIEH offers registered trainers a range of national and local networking and learning events and is present at leading trade exhibitions and conferences
  • The CIEH has strong brand recognition amongst large national employers and small- to medium-sized local companies
  • CIEH qualifications are recognised and understood by environmental health professionals and other enforcement groups

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