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Procedures and Procedure Manual

The CIEH Procedure Manual contains all the information registered centres and trainers need to comply with the CIEH quality assurance system.

As a registered centre and/or trainer, it is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with contents of the Procedure Manual and to keep abreast of any changes that are made.

The Procedure Manual is supplied in conjunction with the centre and/or trainer agreements. Your centre and/or trainer agreement rests on the assumption that you have read the Procedure Manual and will comply with the requirements contained therein.

2016 Edition

A summary of the main changes to the 2016 Procedure Manual can be found below. For full details please refer to the relevant sections of the Procedure Manual.

General administration
2. Centre and trainer agreements and charters

Centre and trainer agreements will now be renewed every two years. Charters issued following acceptance of the agreement will remain valid for this two year period.

Training delivery
6. Awards within the RQF

From 1 October 2015, all CIEH Ofqual regulated awards will now be included on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which replace the Qualifications Credit Framework. Qualifications on the RQF are defined by their level and size.

Use of CIEH training support services
3. MyCIEH, MyCentre, MyTrainer

Centres and trainers accessing MyCIEH will now find new resources under MyCentre and MyTrainer to review the processing of their examination results and aid analysis of their performance.

Examination and assessment
1. Managing examination/assessment papers

If there are any concerns that the security of examination papers has been compromised in transit, the Main Centre Contact must immediately contact Examination Services.

If there are any concerns that the security of examination papers has been compromised when stored at the centre, the centre must immediately contact the Quality Assurance Manager. An investigation will then be conducted.

Reasonable Adjustment
3. Readers and writers

Procedures on the use of communicators and support to deaf or hearing impaired candidates have been revised in line with current guidance on best practice.


Appeals against examination results and decisions relating to reasonable adjustment, special consideration and malpractice or maladministration, will no longer be referred to the Qualifications Standards Committee. A two tier appeals system is maintained whereby appeals are first referred to the Head of Operations and subsequently to the Chief External Examiner.

Suspected malpractice or maladministration
1. Introduction

To inform centres and assist their development of safeguards against any wrongdoing, new examples of centre and candidate malpractice/maladministration have been provided.

5. Malpractice or maladministration

Suspensions may be applied to individual qualification registrations if malpractice or maladministration relates to a particular subject only. The centre/trainer registration for other qualifications will otherwise remain unaffected.

If a centre/trainer suspension remains unresolved for a period of one year or more, the registration may be permanently withdrawn.

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