EHN launches competition to celebrate 30 birthday

It’s not every day you turn 30 and to mark this landmark birthday, the editor of Environmental Health News (EHN) has launched a competition with £150 worth of vouchers up for grabs.  

 EHN-improving lives 

The first edition of EHN was published way back in June 1986 and over the past 30 years, the world of environmental health has seen some significant changes.

To help capture the changes in environmental health and to celebrate 30 years of reporting on the environmental health profession, EHN editor, Will Hatchett, is asking readers to send in words or pictures which illustrate the role of environmental health practice in improving health and wellbeing.

Relevant topics for words or images could include food safety, pollution control, infectious disease, sanitation, poor housing, health and safety and their origins can be in the UK or abroad.  

You can pick any subject of your choice and you can provide an entry on a project you have been involved with in the past 30 years or a current project you are working on, whether you are directly involved or simply have knowledge of it.

Anyone is free to enter the competition – you don’t have to be a member or practicing EHP – and you can provide examples of professional practice or research and either an individual or group achievement.

Winning and shortlisted words and pictures will be published in the June edition of EHN and may be exhibited in Chadwick Court and shown online. Winners in each category will also receive Amazon vouchers ranging from £150 to £50.

Will Hatchett, who has been editing EHN for more than 17 years, said: “Those who work in environmental heath are a remarkable bunch. Whether through helping to achieve clean air or water, protecting us from tobacco smoke, improving diets or slum housing, or in countless other ways, they have made lives better in the UK and all over the world.

“We feel this is a fitting way to mark both a significant anniversary of the magazine and their remarkable but often unsung achievements over the past three decades.

“Environmental health is varied and multi-layered so there is no shortage of options and I look forward to sharing competition entries with readers later in the year.”

If you are looking to submit a written entry, you can send up to 500 words as a Word attachment and you may attach one jpeg image of up to 2 MBs. Please do not embed images in your email.

And those looking to send an image depicting environmental health, you many send up to four jpeg images, of no more than 2MBs, and include captions in your email.

For both written and picture entries, please include in the email your full name, job title and a contact telephone number.

Email entries to and click here for full completion details and T&Cs. For more information contact Will on 020 7827 5908 or  

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