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We are developing a vision for the environmental health profession for the next 10 years called Environmental Health Futures (or EH futures for short).

We are doing this so that we can continue to work with clarity of purpose to ensure that the contribution of environmental health professionals to our environment and to public health is recognised and that their skills and competencies are valued.

Right now, we are finding out how the environmental health profession is evolving and how we can best support it.

As part of this, we are asked members to complete a membership survey to tell us about their work, their views on CIEH membership and how we can meet their needs.

We had over 1,000 responses to the survey. The survey is just one part of our EH futures work, which comprises four linked initiatives:

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We are reviewing all of our membership services. We are identifying members’ needs, especially the professional support that members require throughout their careers.

Our aim is to ensure that members feel valued, recognised and supported. To do this we will make our membership services inclusive, relevant and excellent value for money. We also aim to improve the recognition of our membership and the value placed on it by employers.

EH Futures 3 

We are reviewing our education systems and processes to produce professionals to meet the diverse needs of the employment marketplace over the next 10 years.

Our aim is to create an educational continuum that integrates and supports vocational, higher and post graduate professional requirements - meeting the needs of a broad professional community at different stages of their career development.

EH Futures 4 

We are developing a workforce strategy that encompasses the wider environmental health professional community (including and beyond our membership), ensuring we have the right people, with the right skills in the right places at the right time.

Our aim is create a supportive framework for all levels of environmental health professional employment in all sectors through education, development and leadership towards 2020.

Environmental Health Workforce Survey 2014/15 forms part of this initiative. Please see below for more information.

EH Futures
Environmental Health Futures -
the beginning of a new era
  Workforce Future
Introducing the CIEH Workforce
for our Future

EH Futures 5 

In 2015, we published our Election Manifesto which sets out our priority themes for improving our environment and health and wellbeing within our communities.

Our aim is to promote and develop these themes, working with members, Government and other stakeholders on action plans to deliver improvements in both policy and practice at national, regional and local levels and in all employment sectors.

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