Governance and structure

Lord Rooker

NEHB in Lord Rooker has an independent chair with a deep knowledge and understanding of the value to society of the environmental health service. The Board is made up of senior and experienced local government heads of environmental health services representing the English regions, the Association of Port Heath Authorities, the CIEH and other key stakeholders. NEHB will be provided with administrative support by the CIEH who will provide financial and contract management services, representation, board support and maintain transparent and effective governance arrangements.

Meeting three times a year or more frequently as necessary, the Board will consider key areas of environmental health strategy and activity of importance to national, sub-national and local environmental and community wellbeing. The initial meetings will take place in London, but future meetings may take place at venues around the country to ensure that the Board is not seen as London centric.

NEHB is a vehicle for English local government environmental health collaboration, it will be directly linked with the existing environmental health management networks in the devolved administrations of Wales, Northern Ireland and in Scotland. These links will establish a collaborative and synergistic relationship that enables the full recognition of the different National, sub national and devolved perspectives, in policy and delivery and brings together opportunities for cross UK collaborative programme implementation. In a similar vein, direct links with the enviromental health management within commercial, academic and social sector fields will be supported to ensure the breadth of environmental health experience and contribution is used to inform Board decision making.

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