NEHB and CIEH Environmental Health Managers Network

NEHB will connect to and support the CIEH Environmental Health Managers Network by providing leadership and a platform for delivering effective and co-ordinated policy (through the EHPF) and programmes of action that will provide effective outcomes in environmental and public health and wellbeing. The existing CIEH Environmental Health Managers Network will be extended as originally planned to include a grouping for managers of environmental health relevant services within the commercial/ industry and the social sector. Academic environmental health professionals, through existing representation, at the CIEH Academics Forum, will be connected to NEHB. Together these networks form a collaborative mantle that underpins the work and leadership of NEHB.

Environmental Health Policy Forum

The LGA Environmental Health Policy Forum (EHPF) has existed as a focus for strategic environmental health policy development since 2011. We are a member of the Forum. NEHB works closely with EHPF to ensure that the NEHB programmes are set within an informed and cohesive policy framework. To this end the EHFP is represented on NEHB to faciliate this alignment and a cohesive approach.

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