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Board, committees and advisory groups

Our Trustees and Advisory Groups ensure CIEH continues to serve its members and the public.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees ensures the good governance of CIEH, and that it meets its charter, charitable and legal obligations.

It also acts as the Board of CIEH Limited, CIEH’s trading body.

There are six trustees elected by CIEH members, up to six appointed by the Board, and the President (also appointed by the Board).


Maurice Brennan Siraj Choudhury (Chair) Jonathan Hayes (Deputy Chair)
Terenja Humphries Roisin Kerr Madhu Murali
David Newsum Daniel Oerther Nick Pahl
Jessica Tabois Kirpal Tahim Dawn Welham (President)
Jo Wyatt    

Four new Board members will be appointed for January 2021.

Recruitment to the role of President is underway (applications closed in May) and a co-opted role (details at is underway.  

Member elections concluded in August; Sterling Crew and Vanessa Wardle were elected and will join the Board on 1 January 2021.  Nominations for the next member election will open in May 2021.

Terenja Humphries has been appointed by the Board to be its new Chair from January 2021.

The Board of Trustees is supported in its work by two committees and two advisory groups:

  • Supports the Board by helping to review and formulate strategies for membership and the wider profession.
  • Recommends policies for member recruitment, engagement, retention and services.
  • Reviews the CPD scheme, including regulations and guidance for members.
  • Advises the Board on membership grades, fee structures and entry criteria.


Steve Cooper Sarah Johns Gareth Moore (Chair)
Laura Morgan David Newsum Alan Watt

There are currently two vacancies on this group, recruitment to which is underway.

  • Supports the Board in its role as CIEH awarding organisation.
  • Manages the CIEH qualifications and learning portfolio.
  • Participates in the appointment of the Chief Examiner and oversees the work of the Board of Examiners.
  • Assists CIEH in building strong and positive relationships with the HE and FE community.


Adam Choonara (Chair) Sarah Cripps Andrea Higginbottom
Zena Lynch Gareth Moore Jessica Tabois
Sam Taylor Alastair Tomlinson  
  • Identifies key risks in CIEH’s operation and supports management of those risks.
  • Ensures appropriate accounting and financial policies and controls are in place.
  • Receives reports from external auditors and advisors, ensuring that control processes are co-ordinated and effective.


Roy Coulter (Chair) Jonathan Hayes  Carol Healy
Saravana Namasivayam Robert Spain  
  • Recommends appointments to the Board, its committees and advisory groups.
  • Reviews the composition of the Board and identifies any skills gaps.
  • Recommends the framework policy for the remuneration of the Chief Executive.
  • Reviews any significant proposed changes in employment policy and benefits for CIEH staff.


Maurice Brennan Amanda Clarke James Howe
Steve Othen (Chair)    

There is currently a vacancy on this Committee, recruitment to which is underway.