Recruitment for Assembly Representatives

Regular opportunities arise for members to join the Assembly when current representatives stand down or their term of office finishes. Nomination can be for other candidates or through self-nomination.

Being a representative presents a whole host of benefits, from professional development to directly influencing our direction and your profession.

For more information on what's involved in becoming part of the Assembly, see below:

What is involved?
Terms of Reference
Assembly Elections Operational Procedures
Job description 

The table below shows when the terms of office expire for the regional, SIG and student assembly positions. Recruitment opportunities will be advertised and promoted in our usual communications channels and below when vacancies are available.

Group C: Until 31 December 2017 and then every three years

  • London region
  • Yorkshire and Humber region
  • Cymru Wales region
  • South West region
  • North East region
  • Commercial and Independent special interest group
  • Student

Group A: Until 31 December 2018 and then every three years

  • Northern Ireland region
  • South East region
  • East of England region
  • North West region
  • Port Health special interest group
  • Student

Group B: Until 31 December 2019 and then every three years

  • International special interest group
  • East Midlands region
  • South West region
  • West Midlands region
  • Scotland region
  • Education and Research special interest group

If you are interested in joining the Assembly or would like to nominate someone, please complete our nomination form.

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