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CIEH is delighted to announce the shortlist for the CIEH Excellence Awards 2018.

Categories and Shortlisted Nominees for CIEH Excellence Awards

Entries showcased the breadth of work carried out by environmental health professionals and services across all employment sectors in the UK and overseas. Judges gave specific consideration to the entries which included:

  • Improvement to public health and wellbeing
  • Reduction in health inequality
  • Improvements to public protection
  • Promotion of sustainability

The entries chosen to be on the shortlists represent the best examples seen by the judges of what can be achieved in the field of environmental health.

A project or campaign that has had an impact or outcome of improving health, wellbeing and environment.

  • London Borough of Brent
    A multi-agency task force put together to tackle various issues associated with shisha cafes.
  • Birmingham City Council with Wolverhampton Environmental Health, PHE (West Midlands) and Walsall Environmental Health
    Development and delivery of the first bespoke micro-blading infection prevention and control (IPC) training course.
  • CIEH North East Region and Water For Kids
    Raising money to deliver a sustainable environmental health project in Kenya.
  • Crawley Borough Council
    Organisation of Crawley Junior Citizen, giving primary school children in Crawley the opportunity to learn about environmental health and avoiding hazards.
  • Mid and East Antrim Borough Council with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Public Health Agency
    Developing resources for primary school pupils to learn about electrical energy use in the home.
  • Chelmsford City Council with CHESS Homeless
    ‘Spare Change or Real Change’ campaign to combat a rise in street begging and anti-social behaviour in Chelmsford.

Innovative examples of good practice, challenging assumptions and professional boundaries to achieve effective environmental health outcomes.

  • Nael General Contracting LLC
    ‘Centralized water system’ a simple innovative idea to reduce renal infection cases in the open work area.
  • London Borough of Lewisham
    Development of Lewisham Air app to provide relevant information to all Lewisham residents on how choices of travel can reduce exposure to pollution.
  • Navitas Digital Safety with British Airways
    An initiative to help British Airways improve the environmental impact of their Food Safety management through eliminating a paper-based system and reduction of additional costs incurred through stock wastage.
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Various initiatives to combat poor health outcomes for the Ladino population in Guatemala.
  • Cornwall Council
    Support the delivery of Cornwall Council’s Local Plan, particularly the protection of health and the environment through a joint-Service initiative between Environmental Health and Planning Services.
  • Integrated Mosquito Research Group
    Development of an Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait (ATSB) considered as new method for mosquito abatement program in controlling mosquito population.

An individual who has delivered a significant improvement to health, wellbeing and environment.

  • Nazri Dom, Universiti Teknologi MARA
    Various initiatives using applied entomology and GIS for health and environmental problems.
  • Daniel Oerther, Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Various initiatives to combat poor health outcomes for the Ladino population in Guatemala.
  • Sam Lauder, Powys County Council
    Currently on deployment with the British Red Cross to the Democratic Republic of Congo in response to an Ebola outbreak.
  • Michela Cogan, Harrow Council
    For success in bringing an internet seller of DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) to justice.
  • Jeremy Pritchard, Mid Devon District Council
    For the successful prosecution of a slaughterhouse operative, using the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.
  • Mark Flanagan, Shield Safety Group
    For a demonstrable commitment to public health, including the formation of Shield Safety Group in 2003.

A team that has delivered a significant improvement to health, wellbeing and environment.

  • Private Sector Housing Licensing Team, Liverpool City Council
    Through the team’s Landlord licensing work, property management standards and conditions are improving.
  • Joint Services Health Unit (JSHU)
    An Environmental Health Team based in the United Kingdom’s Sovereign Base Area (SBA) within the Republic of Cyprus (RoC). JSHU are responsible for the provision of public and environmental health across the SBA; encapsulating the whole spectrum of environmental health disciplines and the application of EU, UK, RoC and SBA legislation.
  • Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Health & Wellbeing Team
    The team is dedicated, person-centred and through a pilot with the local community has been successful in embedding use of the principles of Co-Production at individual, community and strategic level.
  • Environmental Health Apprenticeship Steering Group
    Comprised of volunteers from local authorities, private sector companies, UWE and Weston College plus representatives from CIEH to combat declining numbers of Environmental Health students.

An individual or organisation that has benefitted their communities or environment significantly in the area of Housing.

  • Tom Birtwistle, Fylde Council
    Fuel poverty and cold related ill health is an area of concern for Fylde Council and Tom has worked hard to secure funding to deliver affordable warmth measures to 52 vulnerable clients.
  • Lancaster University
    Introduction of an innovative student housing accreditation scheme which aims to go beyond the traditional approaches.
  • University Centre Weston and University of the West of England
    A project that provides a solution to the problem of Local Government budget cuts where UCW and UWE have organised housing surveys with Local Authorities using students to collect data.
  • Housing Enforcement Team, Blackpool Council
    Proactive in delivering a robust enforcement service targeting rogue landlords, poor accommodation, anti-social behaviour and contributing to the overall success of a clean-up operation in Blackpool.
  • Kelly Ansell, Bournemouth Borough Council
    ‘Operation Galaxy’ is a multi-agency project aiming to improve housing conditions, improve the appearance of the area, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, engage local residents and improve the health and support of those in an area of significant deprivation.
  • Becky Bell, Oxford Home Improvement Agency
    For the implementation of a unique new grant policy (RRO), which offers non-means tested Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs), flexible loans, relocation assistance and repair, heating and discretionary and safe & secure grants which provide a flexible array of assistance to meet client’s needs.

An individual who is a student or in the first three years of their professional career who demonstrates initiative and inspirational qualities in the field of environmental health.

  • Emma Samuel
    Emma has designed, implemented and evaluated a food-service focussed handwashing intervention, based on a ‘shock tactics’ poster.
  • Ibrahim Youssef Al Miari
    Ibrahim is responsible for supervising seven primary health care centers providing health services for 88,000 Palestinian refugees in south Lebanon. He is responsible for a school health programme, including vaccination, outbreak management, health awareness and data analysis.
  • Lindsey Holmes
    Lindsey has developed a model for private sector work-based learning in Environmental Health with University Centre Weston resulting in NSF winning Outstanding Workplace Provider of the Year at UCW Awards 2018.
  • Claire Paylor
    Claire has made a major difference to public health protection within Selby. Her passion for food safety is evidenced by her university dissertation on ready-to-eat salad products, and by her dedication to the CIEH Regional Management Board for the Yorkshire and Humber region, Port Health SIG and numerous food-focused steering groups for the last 2 years. Claire also provides guidance to students at Leeds Beckett University about careers in Environmental Health and organises student focused events across Yorkshire.
  • Muhammad Nasir
    Muhammad’s MSc research focused on landfill scavenging in Indonesia. He returned to Indonesia as an environmental health lecturer at Tadulako University and is currently working on a project researching health, wellness and sustainability in remote areas to develop initiatives tailored to local circumstances for maximum effectiveness.