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CIEH Assurance

Get professional certification for your environmental health training

With CIEH Assurance you'll have a seal of approval that demonstrates the quality of your training programmes to the world.

Whether you already have training courses in place, or you’re about to develop a new training package,
we can help ensure your employees have access to the very best programmes.

How it works

We offer two kinds of Assurance:

  1. CIEH Certification for existing training programmes
    Already developed a training programme? We can assess your existing programme and give it our official seal of approval.
  2. CIEH Accreditation for new custom-made training programmes
    Get bespoke accredited training – created by us, tailored to you.

What are the benefits?

Why get your in-house training approved and certified by an internationally recognised professional body?

Here are the 3 top reasons people choose CIEH:

#1 Recognition

Established by Royal Charter we set the standards for the environmental health profession.

#2 Experience

There’s no substitute for the 140 years of experience, knowledge and innovation.

#3 Support

We don’t just assess. We’ll help you reach the high standards you need to attain CIEH training quality assurance.

We cover 5 technical areas:

  • Food Safety and Integrity
  • Housing and Communities
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Public protection and Well-being

To find out more about CIEH Assurance, get in touch today.

  Download our CIEH Assurance summary