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Workplace e‑learning

Making your workplace a healthy, safe and productive environment to work in.

Today's workplaces require both employers and employees to adhere to a number of regulations aimed at making them healthy, safe and productive environments in which to work.

This doesn't just relate to the practical side of working practices but also how we do what we do, including how we treat each other.

Our workplace e-learning courses have been carefully designed by subject-matter experts to ensure that both you and your team can be compliant with the latest regulations and best practice quickly and easily.

These include:

Successfully completing these courses will demonstrate your commitment to a safe and healthy working environment for you and your colleagues, and that your expertise has been approved to the highest standards.

Comprehensive range of e-learning courses

We have been protecting the public, supporting professionals and influencing policy for more than a century, making us uniquely equipped with the industry expertise to deliver effective e-learning for environmental health you can trust.

Our food safety e-learning is part of a range of over 20 courses in environmental health, which includes essential topics such as manual handling and food safety.

Tailored training

Our flexible LMS allows us to customise our e-learning courses to suit the needs of you and your organisation. We can tailor bespoke versions to include your branding and training content, as well as different images, video and text.

Please get in touch with our friendly and helpful team to find out more about how we can fulfil your requirements.

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