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First aid at work training

Do you have a designated first aider to keep your employees happy, healthy and safe?

Make sure your workplace first aiders are able to respond to a range of first aid incidents and emergencies. Our CIEH first aid at work courses ensure that you have someone able to give first aid confidently and competently.

When you purchase any CIEH training course, you receive a set of in-depth training materials, including slides, activity sheets, textbooks and test sheets. Take a look at our sample course books for Foundation First Aid and Intermediate First Aid.

Make sure you are able to respond confidently to a range of first aid incidents and emergencies.

The CIEH Foundation Certificate in First Aid at Work course will teach you the skills, knowledge to give emergency first aid in a low-risk work environment.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone aged 16 and over, who works in a low hazard, low-risk environments such as an office or shop premises
  • Anyone aged 16 and over in full- or part-time education wishing to learn about first aid

Course overview

This course will develop your knowledge of how to administer first aid to people in need.

Key facts

  • Learn the responsibilities of first aiders, including how to contact and talk to emergency services
  • Identify emergency first aid situations, including how to deliver assistance
  • Learn how to recognise, assess and administer first aid for a wide range of illnesses, incidents and injuries
  • Find out about first aid legislation
  • Cover skills such as minimising infection, establishing consciousness and how to treat various illnesses and injuries


The CIEH Intermediate Certificate in First Aid at Work pushes your first aid skills, knowledge and understanding even further.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone wishing to be the designated first aider in the workplace
  • Anyone wanting to further develop skills and advance from the Foundation Certificate in First Aid at Work

Course overview

Following this course, you’ll be able to provide care for life-threatening conditions, minor illness and injuries in higher risk environments, until emergency help arrives.

Key facts

  • Recognise vital signs and illnesses such as burns, sudden poisoning, heart attacks and stroke
  • This course allows you to become the designated first aider in your workplace


Note: all CIEH training accounts delivering our first aid at work training programmes are subject to an annual compliance declaration. The Accountable Officer responsible for the training account must complete our online First Aid Compliance Declaration form (view a copy) before we are able to supply a licence.

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