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Food allergen awareness training

Ensure the safety of those consuming food and understand the precautions that need to be taken.

Food that might be perfectly safe for one person to eat may also be harmful to another, resulting in allergic reactions that can range from mild to life-threatening.

It is therefore vitally important that everyone responsible for preparing or handling food is fully aware of what could trigger an allergic reaction, and understands the precautions that need to be taken.

Awareness of allergens will not only help to ensure the safety of those consuming food, but also that government regulations are being adhered to. In addition to the danger to public health, there are large fines in place for non-compliance, alongside the risk to the success and reputation of your business.

CIEH (Level 2) Foundation Certificate in Food Allergen Awareness will teach learners about the foods that commonly trigger allergic reactions and the vital information that needs to be communicated to consumers. It will also cover the legal responsibilities of allergen labelling and allergen declaration which will enable learners to comply with their duties under the EU General Food Law Regulation No.178/2002, the Food Information Regulations 2014 and the Food Safety Act 1990.

When you purchase any CIEH training course, you receive a set of in-depth training materials, including slides, activity sheets, textbooks and test sheets. Take a look at our sample course book for Foundation Allergens Awareness.

This training programme covers the basics of food allergen awareness.

Who is this course for?

  • Food handlers in all types of food establishments
  • Food business operators
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about food allergies

Course overview

This course will develop your knowledge and raise awareness of food allergens.
You will learn about the characteristics of food allergens and intolerances, the importance of allergen management and the requirements of providing correct allergen information to consumers.

Key facts

  • Food allergies, intolerances and Coeliac disease
  • The 14 regulated allergens
  • Food labelling requirements
  • The importance of practical allergen management
  • Providing complete and accurate allergen information to consumers


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