Wales event presentations

Monday 18 March 2019 – Radisson Blu, Cardiff 

  • Programmes
  • Skin Infections Associated with Special Procedures – Dr Natalie Stone
  • Managing the Risk of Infection – Charlotte Rose
  • Quality Standards and Progression in Beauty Advance Practices – Caroline Larissey
  • Skin Infections Associated with Special Procedures – Dr Sarah Jones
  • Interactive Review of Resources – Dr Sarah Jones
    Supporting Small Businesses – Business Wales

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6 Pack Training Event  - Housing - 13 March 2019

  • Programme
  • The Cost of Poor Housing in Wales – Simon Nicol, Head of Housing BRE (not provided still awaiting)
  • Rent Smart Wales – Compliance and Regulation – Sarah Rivers, RSW
  • Review of the HHSRS – Tamara Sandoul, CIEH & Huw Williams, RHE Global
  • Park Homes – Issues and developments – Susan Jones, Senior Licensing Officer, Powys
  • "ACES" (Adverse Childhood Experiences) – Jo Seymour, Warm Wales & Charlotte Waite, PHW
  • Welsh Government Update – Emma Williams, Deputy Director, Housing Policy Division, Welsh Government
  • Investing the Effect of Welfare Reform on Private Rending – Mathew Norman, Residential Landlords Association (RLA)

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Food Safety and Standards – Keeping up with developments - 18 December 2018

  • Programme
  • Regulating Our Future – Jason Coward, FSA
  • Brexit, Food Safety & Port Health – Keith Rowlands, Isle of Anglesey CBC
  • New Technology: Here to improve our impact or bury us in work? – Sion Lingard, PHW
  • EU Exit Incident Systems and NFCU Update – Jonathan Davies FSA
  • Food Sampling Wales – Andy Mackay, Caerphilly CBC
  • Hazel Gowland, Allergy Action (this presentation is unavailable. Please visit the Allergy Action website for further information)

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Statutory Nuisance Workshop - 3 October 2018

  • Programme
  • Statutory Nuisance Workshop/Still going after 160 years – Tim Everett
  • Statutory Nuisance Workshop Questions – June 2018

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Health & Safety at work - Still vital always changing
Tuesday 18 September 2018

  • Programme
  • Lifts, Platforms and Escalators – Dave Cooper Managing Director, LECS UK
  • The Hurdles to Safety Certification – Kris Williams and Alun Thomas (Specialist EHOs, Monmouthshire CC)
  • An Introduction to Healthcare Inspectorate Wales – Mr Andrew Pryse, Head of Independent Healthcare and Statutory Functions
  • Organised Crime, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking – Eric Kendall, Wales GAIN Coordinator and ROCU Disruption Team
  • Manager, Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) & Richard Tumelty, Regional Modern Slavery Coordinator, SW Police
  • Hand Arm Vibration risk in Horticulture and MVR – Paul Delderfield, Specialist Inspector, Health & Safety Executive

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Communicable Disease Control - 18 July 2018

  • Programme
  • Going into Battle: The Rules of Engagement for Outbreaks in Wales – Dr Gwen Lowe, PHW
  • Outbreak investigation of an emerging pathogen: Keeping ahead of the rat race – Dr Sarah Jones, SRS & Jason Austin, Torfaen CBC
  • Lyme borreliosis: realities, uncertainties, myths – Dr Robert Smith, PHW
  • Cryptosporidiosis; an update – Prof Rachel Chalmers
  • Hepatitis A – Dr Christopher Johnson

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North Wales - 10 May 2018; South Wales - 14 June 2018

  • North Wales Programme
  • South Wales Programme
  • Statutory Nuisance Workshop/Still going after 160 years – Tim Everett
  • Statutory Nuisance Workshop Questions
  • Environmental Health Case Notes

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Housing in Wales: Hot Topics and Developments - 20 March 2018

  • Event programme
  • Housing in Wales – future direction and key issues – Emma Williams, Deputy Director Housing Policy, Welsh Government
  • Empty Properties – Leighton Evans and Yana Thomas, Carmarthenshire CC
  • Falls Prevention Taskforce ‘Making Falls Everyone’s Business’ – Neil Williams (Care & Repair Cymru, Taskforce Chair)
  • Healthy Homes Healthy People – Joanna Seymour, Project Manager Warm Wales / Flintshire CC
  • Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 / Fitness for Human Habitation – Simon White / Andy Cody Housing Policy Division, Welsh Government
  • Housing Cases and Appeals Update – Andy Arthur, Arthur Associates

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The Future for Environmental Health - 14 March 2018

  • Event programme
  • Positioning the professional body and its networks - Anne Godfrey Chief Executive CIEH
  • A Sustainable Future: The Well-being of Future Generations Act in action - Penny Grufydd, Swansea City Council
  • Public Protection in Wales: Do we want to be around the table or on the menu? - Mark Elliott, Chair DPPW
  • What might the future look like for Local Government? - Jon Rae, WLGA
  • The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act: Opportunities for Public Health - Huw Brunt, Public Health Wales

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Food in Wales: A Taste of the Future - 29 November 2017

  • Event programme
  • Preparing for EU Exit - Alice Teague
  • Wales’ Food and Drink Industry – A Growing Success / Dr David Lloyd-Thomas Welsh Government
  • Welsh Food MicMicrobiologicalrum – Ice and other updates / Helen O’Loughlin Flintshire CC

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Health and Safety Regulation: Thinking Outside the Box - 19 September 2017 

  • Event programme
  • Dealing with the Controlling Mind of a Company/Organisation – Helen Turner (HSE)
  • Implications and Impact of the new sentencing guidelines – Adrian Mansbridge (Pinsent Masons Solicitors)
  • Public Health (Wales) Act 2017 Special Procedures – Kimberley Cann, Speciality Registrar in Public Health
  • Newport Pseudomonas Outbreak 2015 - Kelly Lee, Principal EHO, Newport City Council

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Chimneys, Combustion Appliances, and Smoke Nuisance - 19 July 2017

  • Event Programme
  • Seminar notes
  • Health & Safety Case Studies
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 2
  • Sample Evidence

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