12 Nov

Wider Public Safety at Events

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The Public Safety at Events Workshop covers all elements of event safety and incorporates changes that have occurred as a result of terrorist activity, and the redefinition of 'Safety' by the SGSA. New learning, new events and new case studies on 'near misses' are all used inform and improve safety at events.

This training workshop will benefit anyone involved in planning, scrutinising or enforcing public safety at events. The events industry is changing at an astonishing speed in attempts to counter terrorism and deal with changes to policing (with the Ipswich ruling accelerating these changes).

Benefits of attending will include understanding the challenges facing security, crowd and traffic management, the failures in the ability of some to deliver and how these can be monitored and managed.

Topics include:

  • Terrorism and how we balance the threat yet continue to have events in the UK
  • HVM, is it really necessary and is it the complete answer?
  • Understanding the Ipswich Ruling and its inevitable consequences
  • 'Safety' a new definition and the impact on the UK events industry
  • SAGs: what is needed from the UK Good Practice Guide version 2 and whether legislation is now the way forward?
  • The security industry in meltdown?
  • Black Swans and what they really mean in an event context
  • Understanding crowd psychology in emergencies and evacuation

Who should attend:

  • Event Organisers
  • Local Authorities
  • Fire and Police Officers
  • Ambulance
  • All category 1 responders who have 'events' within their remit or who will deal with the consequences of events that fail (Emergency Planning Officers)

This course is also suitable for all SAG members especially chairs. It is particularly relevant to the supervisors of those who attend SAGs to enhance the understanding of the burdens placed upon them.


CPD: 5 Hours

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