02 Apr

Health Impact Assessment Competency Training

Two-day workshop: 2 April & 11 June

Media Resource Centre, Oxford Road, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 6AH

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This course is aimed at EHP’s, EH Managers, planners, regeneration officers and other staff who will need to understand and be capable of contributing to, or conducting, a Rapid Health Impact Assessment (HIA), and appreciate how to use the findings in practice.

Having increased insight into HIA will prepare officers to respond to the introduction of statutory HIA in Wales for public bodies as outlined in the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017 (specific circumstances to be determined in the forthcoming regulations).

In addition elements of the course will support relevant officers to interpret the introduction of the concept of 'population health' within Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) following the EU Directive.

How does the course work?

To complete the full competency training delegates need to attend for the two days and submit an assignment. Successful delegates will receive a Certificate of Competency for Rapid HIA. Delegates can register for Day 1 only and following attendance would receive a Certificate of Attendance only. Day 1 & 2 must be taken on the same course – delegates may not switch between cohorts or venues.

Day 1

Day 1 is designed to provide insight into the process and principles that underpin Health Impact Assessment (HIA). The learning from Day 1 is then strengthened through the undertaking of a Rapid Desk Top HIA assignment.

The learning outcomes include:

  1. Understands the purpose of HIA
  2. Know the policy drivers that support the use of HIA
  3. Know the benefits and outcomes that HIA can achieve
  4. Understand the HIA process and methods
  5. Know how HIA can be applied in a range of contexts
  6. Understands the ethical principles and values that inform HIA
  7. Know the resource, skills and knowledge requirements for completing a HIA - and where your skill set is relevant
  8. Identify opportunities for using HIA in practice
  9. Applying the learning through undertaking a Rapid HIA.

Day 2

Day 2 provides an opportunity for attendees to demonstrate their learning and reflect on their experience of applying HIA within the context of their work, it involves:

  • Reviewing submitted Rapid HIAs, focusing on issues identified,
  • Gaining experience from the HIAs carried out by other participants,
  • Allowing for discussion of the system in greater detail.

Why HIA?

This is a good time to be developing your skills and knowledge in HIA with the passage of the Public Health Act (Wales) 2017 which makes HIA a statutory assessment. In addition, there is the new EU directive for EIA which has expanded the focus on health and wellbeing to consider population health.

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