26 Nov

PPP Workshop

CIEH Members: £10
Non-members: £60

Time: 14.00 - 16.00

Blaby District Council, Brooks Room, Desford Rd, Narborough, Leicester, LE19 2EP

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This session is for students who are currently completing their PPP. It will offer support and encouragement with advice and guidance on how best to complete your PPP.

The session will look at the application of suitable cases and interventions. While the session will be tailored to the needs of the group attending, it will not be possible to read individual PPPs or provide individual feedback or assessment. For personalised and detailed assessment please refer to the 'PPP Guide' system found on MyCIEH.

Programme (2 hours)

  • Welcome and introduction to the day
  • Group introduction with attendees outlining issues for discussion not already raised previously ( to be captured by Reuben)
  • General overview from facilitators on top 5 common challenges in completing PPP
  • Discussion around key issues previously sent in and prepared response by facilitators
  • Mop up any other key points and general discussion encouragement
  • Close and be available for individual questions following the morning session.
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