06 Oct

Identifying and presenting evidence

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Please note that this training will be delivered via the Zoom online platform.  Please ensure that you are able to access this prior to booking.

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  • Time: 10.00 - 12.00


This session will take the form of a consideration of the various types of evidence that can be used by a prosecutor, and how each should be recorded or stored. It will look at factors that can increase and detract from the value of the evidence and which should inform how an investigation officer should weigh the evidence.

It will consider the importance of the evidence chain and its maintenance and look at the ways in which officers can protect their evidence from challenges that may reduce its value or might be case fatal.  

Event Objectives

  1. Understanding of the types of evidence and their relative value
  2. How to value evidence and the factors that can add or detract to its value
  3. The critical need to maintaining the integrity of evidence
  4. Producing evidence and using it to best effect

Learning Outcomes

  1. The types of evidence that may be used and the factors that may affect their evidential value

  2. The need to store all types of evidence securely to avoid risk of contamination that would adversely impact on its value

Who should attend?

Environmental health professionals, students, licensing officers or any other enforcement officers.

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