27 Aug

Witness statements: why and how

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  • Time: 10.00 - 12.00

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This session will look at the purpose and value of witness statements. It will consider their links to pre-existing evidence and specifically to contemporaneous notes and will show how they can say as much about the witness writing them as they do about the case.

It will highlight the tactical considerations that should apply as well as the strict rules of evidence as they apply to witness statements, and will consider how a witness can use their own witness statement to assist the prosecutor. It will consider how the defence view prosecution witnesses statements and suggest ways in which this knowledge can be used to the prosecution witnesses' advantage.     

Event Objectives

  • Understanding the structure and purpose of witness statements

  • Understand the rules evidence as they apply to witness statements

  • Appreciate the way in which a witness statements are read and may be used by the defence

  • Understand the tactical considerations that should apply when preparing a witness statement

  • Have an appreciation of the uses to which a witness statement can be put and be able to capitalise on that knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of witness statements and the uses to which they can be put

  2. Understand how the use a witness statement to showcase both the author and the evidence produced and underpin the prosecution case.

Who should attend?

Environmental health professionals, TSOs, students, licensing officers or any other enforcement officers.

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