02 Jul

Covid-Conversations: contact tracing – what good looks like


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  • Time: 10.30 - 11.30


Contact tracing for coronavirus (COVID-19) may well be one of the most complex health investigations ever. Thanks to advances in modern technology, doctors now can perform complex procedures such as surgery using robots and lasers. However our best shot at tracking the path of a contagion such as the coronavirus still follows the same labour-intensive process as that used by Dr John Snow, one of the pioneers of epidemiology and public health.

From South Korea to the Isle of Man, contact tracing has successfully slowed, and even stopped, the spread of coronavirus. As Public Health England (PHE) and the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) prepare to launch their What Good Looks Like for Local Health Protection Systems initiative, we take a closer look at the capabilities and skills needed in epidemiology and surveillance, infection suppression and control techniques, contact tracing and evaluation to make this a success at a local level.

As parts of lockdown restrictions are lifted and businesses reopen, we will also review the success of the track and trace programmes currently in operation. We will be joined by Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) from the Isle of Man, Gwent and Jersey who will share their experiences, learnings along the way and a best practice approach to contact tracing.


Taking place on 2 July, this webinar will be facilitated by professionals and expert panellists.

What's in it for you?

As the COVID-19 coronavirus global emergency continues we are facilitating bringing together the environmental health community to discuss how they are responding to this crisis. In these unprecedented times it’s more important than ever for CIEH to facilitate these discussions. The webinars will be a call to arms for the profession as well as updating colleagues on the hottest topics.

Who should attend?

Any environmental and public health professionals.

What you need to know

This free webinar is open to all environmental health and public health professionals, not just CIEH members. However, if you want to attend, you must register online to confirm your attendance. Once registered, you will be sent an email with joining instructions.

The webinar will run in your browser and does not require you to download any software. You must use Google Chrome to ensure you can access all features available. All attendees are muted but will be able to ask questions by typing them into the questions box shown on screen.

All our webinars will be made available for access post-broadcast so that they can be watched again or at a more convenient time if you are unable to attend.


Please see our CIEH webinar FAQs.

  • This webinar amounts to 1 hour of CPD.
  • CIEH will only issue CPD certificates to registered delegates who have signed in and engaged with the entire session.
  • Where a team has watched the webinar together, a CPD certificate will only be issued to the registered delegate who attended the session; however, team leaders are welcome to issue their own CPD certificates to colleagues who have attended. There is guidance on this in the My Resources section of MyCIEH.
  • CIEH is not able to issue CPD certificates to those who view the recording of a webinar at a later date.
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