01 Oct

Covid-Conversations: How behavioural science can promote positive responses during COVID-19

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In May, New Scientist magazine proclaimed that ‘behavioural science is absolutely central to our fight against the pandemic’. As we hit the six month-mark since the start of restrictions and lockdowns, and the government prepares the public for a winter of limitations, we look at the challenges around the large-scale behaviour changes required to live with COVID-19. 

How do we align human behaviour with the recommendations of epidemiologists and public health experts? As Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs), how can we influence citizens’ behaviour rather than rely on sometimes costly and time heavy enforcement?

Sterling Crew will discuss the social and cultural influences on behaviour, science communication, moral decision-making, leadership, and stress and coping in the face of a pandemic. Sterling is a Chartered CIEH Fellow and Chair of The Food Authenticity Network, and has been elected to join the CIEH’s Board on 1 January 2021

He will look at the science behind public health messaging from policymakers, and consider the fine balancing act between providing enough information so people are informed and know what to do, but not so much that they are overwhelmed or confused. He will also give practical advice for EHPs on what methods they can use through their own campaigns, conversations, and dealings with the public and business owners.


Taking place on 1 October. 

What's in it for you?

As the COVID-19 coronavirus global emergency continues we are facilitating bringing together the environmental health community to discuss how they are responding to this crisis. In these unprecedented times it’s more important than ever for CIEH to facilitate these discussions. The webinars will be a call to arms for the profession as well as updating colleagues on the hottest topics.

Who should attend?

Any environmental and public health professionals.

What you need to know

The webinar is limited to 1,000 attendees and registering guarantees you a place on the webinar. Once we reach 1,000 registrations no more will be accepted. 


Please see our CIEH webinar FAQs.

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