01 Dec

Year Ahead Conference 2021

Shaping the future

Two-day online conference: 1 and 2 December 2021, 09.30 – 13.30 (with breaks) each day

Delegate fee: FREE (for 2021 online format only)


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In a time of unprecedented change and influence in regulatory services – firstly with the UK exiting from the EU, swiftly followed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – there has never been a better opportunity to reinforce the significant role regulatory services have in public protection and to reposition their role and workforce capacity and capabilities.

The 2021 CIEH Year Ahead Conference, in partnership with CTSI, will host key policy discussions, examining the significant challenges to the future of public health, and recognise innovative measures that have been implemented throughout the pandemic. There will also be an assessment of how these measures will shape future policies and objectives.

The conference programme will include sessions on:
- A national debate: what does the future look like?
- Business recovery post-COVID
- Discussing inequalities and disparities in health and the plans for improvement
- Leadership roles and responsibilities in a pandemic: shaping future strategies
- UK exit from the EU and the end of the transition period: influencing future policies
- Workforce capability: what’s next?
Partnership working: innovative practices for the future

This conference is aimed at Heads and Senior Heads of Service and leaders in Regulation, who are influential and integral to strategic planning, including:
• Heads of Regulatory Services
• Public Health Portfolio Holders
• Leaders in Regulatory Services
• EH / TS Managers
• Chief Executives

Agenda: Coming soon!

CPD: 7 Hours

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