08 Nov

COVID-Conversations: public inquiry roundtable

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  • Time: 10.00 - 11.00 GMT


The coronavirus crisis has been an unprecedented test of government – marked by successes and failures. The prime minister has recognised the amount of public concern around the government’s response and has committed to a public inquiry in spring 2022.

The Prime Minster had promised that the nation can put the decision making under the microscope.  But how should this inquiry be run? How can we ensure lessons are learnt and accountability delivered? 

We invite you to take part in this reimagining of the COVID-Conversations – and share with us your views, experiences and lessons learnt.  Join Sterling Crew, Lisa Ackerley,  and Tim Everett as we do a role reversal and ask you for your thoughts. We will unpick the events of the last 18 months in preparation for our official response to the public enquiry.

We are still not sure of the scope or depth of this inquiry or whether it will be comparative to other governments around the world, however, as life starts to take on a degree of normality, we want to capture members views, experiences and thoughts on the decisions and implementations during the pandemic – as we all know that memories fade. 

What are your thoughts on the public health response in the UK? This roundtable discussion groups will help to feed member views and experiences into the CIEH response to the inquiry and to be better prepared for any future pandemic threat.

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