CIEH Excellence Awards 2019: Environmental Hero (Food Safety)

This category is nomination-only and recognises an individual or organisation that has benefitted their communities or environment significantly in the area of Food Safety (entry to relate to between January 2018 and April 2019):


To enter this category, you will need to submit the below information into our entry form. You can enter this directly or cut and paste your responses from a Word document.

Overarching summary

An overarching summary (of no more than 100 words) must be submitted to give an outline of this person/team’s achievements and outcomes. This summary will be used in the event the entry is shortlisted in the CIEH Excellence Awards and may be used in marketing material for future Excellence Awards.

Project details

In no more than 500 words, you should detail the following:

  • Background to the project/initiative: provide context and explain the situation/challenge faced.
  • Approach: what work was undertaken and why was this the most appropriate approach to have taken. Outline any innovation or creative solutions.
  • Evaluation: why was the approach taken a success and explain how the project/initiative was measured.
  • Legacy: the long-term benefit(s) of the project/initiative.

Images, company logo and team/individual photos

You should provide:

  • A maximum of two images to illustrate your entry
  • A company logo
  • A photo of the individual/team involved in this project. Images should be jpegs (.jpg) and each file should be no bigger than 2mb.

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