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The finalists for the CIEH Excellence Awards 2019.

Categories and Finalists for CIEH Excellence Awards

CIEH is delighted to announce the finalists for the CIEH Excellence Awards 2019.

Entries showcased the breadth of work carried out by environmental health professionals and services across all employment sectors in the UK and overseas. Judges measured the entries against the following criteria:

  • Improvement to public health and wellbeing
  • Reduction in health inequality
  • Improvements to public protection
  • Promotion of sustainability

The entries chosen to be on the shortlist represent the best examples seen by the judges of what can be achieved in the field of environmental health.

Winners will be revealed at the 2019 CIEH Excellence Awards event on Thursday 14 November 2019 in London.

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The most innovative, engaged and successful partnership scheme or project which has demonstrated successful influence and impact on public protection.

  • Barnsley Metropolitan Council Public Health Team, Regulatory Services and Barnsley Hospital
    Barnsley Metropolitan Council Public Health Team working with Regulatory Services and Barnsley Hospital have developed a system to report anaphylaxis incidents resulting from eating at or from a commercial food business.
  • Integrated Mosquito Research Group, Malaysian Association of Environmental Health and Kuala Lumpur City Hall
    Integrated Mosquito Research Group, Malaysian Association of Environmental Health, Kuala Lumpur City Hall and various Malaysian community groups and schools working together as part of a community engagement programme to tackle Dengue fever.
  • Wakefield Council, Food Standards Agency and WM Morrison Supermarkets
    Working in partnership with the Food Standards Agency and WM Morrison supermarkets, Wakefield Council have been instrumental as one of the first Primary Authority’s in the country to take National Inspection Strategies from an unexplored concept to a viable option for delivering risk-based regulation using business data and evidencing that public health can still be protected.
  • Clean Air Villages Programme
    The year-long Clean Air Villages programme is a Defra-funded air quality improvement scheme, which Cross River Partnership delivered with the London Boroughs of Lambeth (lead authority), Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Lewisham and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, plus other local partners.
  • North Lincolnshire Council and Humberside Police
    A collaborative working approach has been developed between teams at North Lincolnshire Council and Humberside Police, which resulted in the closure of properties which were attracting high levels of anti-social behaviour, some of which were poorly maintained, unlicensed HMO’s. The result was a safer and cleaner environment for residents, along with an improved quality of private rental properties.

A project or campaign that has had an impact or outcome of improving health, wellbeing and environment. Award sponsored by Grafton Empty Homes.

  • The Gedling Hospital Prevention and Discharge Project
    The Gedling Hospital Prevention and Discharge Project launched in March 2018 as a pilot project between Gedling Borough Council Public Protection Service and three hospitals in Nottingham. The scheme was established to reduce bed-blocking and avoidable admissions caused by unsafe or unsuitable housing and to support homeless patients through holistic and flexible services such as housing, health and social services to overcome issues.
  • Southwark Council Screening Scheme
    Following a multi-agency enforcement operation, a man was arrested in Southwark on suspicion of human trafficking, money laundering and the illegal importation of tobacco products in January 2018. This prompted Southwark Council to screen all of the borough’s hand car washes for health and safety issues and potential modern slavery. Following approval from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), this enforcement action involved officers mapping and visiting every hand car wash business in Southwark, distributing information packs, giving advice and signposting further information.
  • City of Wolverhampton Council Fly-Tipping Reduction Scheme
    City of Wolverhampton Council has reduced reports of fly tipping by 50%, with a cost-saving of £75,000. This has been achieved by encouraging the community to report fly-tipping, with the incentive of a £100 gift card for any information which leads to a successful payment of a fixed penalty notice or fine from the court. In a first for the Council, vehicles involved in fly-tipping have been seized and appropriated using new legislation.

Innovative examples of good practice, challenging assumptions and professional boundaries to achieve effective environmental health outcomes. Award sponsored by RHE Global.

  • City of Lincoln Council tackling Anti-Social Behaviour
    The City of Lincoln Council is working in collaboration with partners to collectively address the incidence of on street Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), aggressive begging and substance misuse and associated issues in the city centre. The intervention team is tasked with not only dealing with the symptomatic ASB but also addressing deep-rooted issues that lead a person to engage in street ASB, focused around holistic addiction and mental health support solutions.
  • Nael General Contracting Group Food Safety Project
    It had been noticed at Abu Dhabi-based Nael General Contracting Group that a high proportion of construction-sector staff stored hot food immediately after cooking into low-grade plastic bags, which can lead to chronic health problems such as cancer, kidney failure, endocrine disruption and infertility. Nael then made the decision to supply workers with free steel lunch boxes to tackle this health issue and promote safe food handling. It also had the added benefit of reducing the company’s generation of plastic waste by 32%.
  • Leicestershire Waste Partnership Communications Campaign
    Fly-tipping is a significant polluting blight on local environments, which is hazardous to the public and wildlife. Leicester and Leicestershire authorities deal with approximately 12,000 incidents of fly-tipping per year and this continues to rise. In 2018, Leicestershire Waste Partnership implemented a county-wide communications campaign to engage residents about the impact of this phenomenon. This initiative generated wide media coverage and should translate to reduced fly-tipping in the future in this region.

An individual who has delivered a significant improvement to health, wellbeing and environment. Award sponsored by Osborne Richardson.

  • David Lown - Curriculum Co-ordinator, Weston College Group
    For 27 years David Lown, Curriculum Co-ordinator at Weston College Group, has been involved in teaching Environmental Health and developing new innovative degrees. With declining numbers of applications more awareness of Environmental Health is needed amongst the young. David has recently developed two interactive activities that relate to mobile phones (“How Clean is my Phone” and “Is my Music making me Deaf”) targeting 10 – 16-year-olds. These activities were demonstrated to over 3,000 people in 2018 by Weston College Widening Participation Team at events such as the Big Bang Science Fair, in an effort to engage the next generation of EHPs.
  • Stephen Monday - Safeguard Expert, Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation
    Stephen Monday is a Safeguard Expert at Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation in Western Africa. In spite of institutional reforms, funding for water and sanitation in Liberia has remained weak. In the Liberian capital, Monrovia, the African Development Bank has rehabilitated the White Plains water production plant that supplies the capital’s existing water network, with the aim of increasing capacity from 6 million gallons a day to 16 million gallons a day. To achieve this, the piped network needs to be increased which in the short term affects local people. Resistance to the installations has been ameliorated through a set-up grievance redress committee established in 19 communities of intervention. Project implementation has now become easier with constant formal and informal consultation is in progress with members of the project affected areas.
  • Charlotte Rose – Senior EHO, City of Wolverhampton Council
    City of Wolverhampton Council is leading the way in public protection from unsafe, extreme body modification. The unprecedented use of a prohibition notice against an extreme body modifier who removed the ear of a consenting client has helped to protect the public from the significant risks associated with unlicensed surgery and Charlotte Rose, Senior EHO, has been leading investigations and has been instrumental in the production of a toolkit to assist other authorities wanting to prosecute those who take body modification to the extreme and jeopardise their clients’ safety. This is the result of a project which has involved comprehensive research, advice from Queen’s Counsel, cooperation with the police and an ongoing prosecution.

A team that has delivered a significant improvement to health, wellbeing and environment. Award sponsored by Just Eat.

  • University Centre Weston (UCW) Environmental Health Widening Participation Team
    University Centre Weston (UCW) is working to buck the trend of declining numbers of Environmental Health graduates by making young people aware of the vital role played by Environmental Health practitioners. Our lecturers and Widening Participation team have joined forces to raise awareness of environmental health as a lucrative and rewarding career option by developing interactive activities in areas such as music-induced hearing loss and the bacterial risk on phones. The team has taken these demonstrations into schools, food festivals, community events and science fairs, with our efforts culminating at the recent Big Bang Weston STEM event, attended by 1,000 school pupils.
  • 1st (United Kingdom) Division Environmental Health Team
    The 1st (United Kingdom) Division Environmental Health Team looks after a Force of 19,000 personnel. Their role is uniquely challenging due to the pace, tempo, and high-risk nature of activities undertaken across the world. It’s been an exceptional year for the team who have demonstrated professional effectiveness, passion and initiative throughout. They consistently delivered proactive and effective responses to multifarious health threats, meeting all challenges and tight deadlines head-on, working across the full spectrum of EH; whether inspecting catering facilities in Sierra Leone, determining asbestos risk in Nigeria or advising on bio-security for vehicles crossing numerous country boundaries.
  • Tuck IN Food Health Team
    Tuck IN is an innovative project taking Essex food businesses by storm, and was developed for the Essex Food Liaison group, by Carol Archibold Tendring DC, Christina Wennell Basildon DC, Elaine Higgins Brentwood BC. Tuck IN helps independent food businesses facilitate healthier lifestyle choices for their customers, by educating food businesses to make changes in ingredients and cooking techniques that reduce salt, fat, sugar and calories without alienating its current customers, thus making a positive impact on community health. Business cost savings and better public health outcomes are the win-win benefits of the Tuck IN project.

An individual or organisation that has benefitted their communities or environment significantly in the context of Food Safety. Award sponsored by Checkit.

  • Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Environmental Health Food Safety Team
    To increase the knowledge and understanding of the effective management of the 14 food allergens amongst food businesses, Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Environmental Health Food Safety Team produced a short informative video as part of an allergen seminar, which was included as a training tool for businesses. The Food Safety team wrote the script to highlight potential issues for both the allergen sufferer and the food business operator. Officers featured in the production with the emphasis on cross-contamination and practices that may have the potential to affect the allergy sufferer.
  • Helen Atkinson, Primary Authority Officer, WM Morrison Supermarkets
    In her capacity as Primary Authority (PA) Officer for WM Morrison Supermarkets, Senior EHO Helen Atkinson has been working in partnership with Morrisons and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on the Regulating Our Future (ROF) programme. Helen is exploring whether National Inspection Strategies can play a role in modernising the regulatory regime by regulating food businesses differently and having a sustainable approach to food safety regulation.
  • Sandra Cheung – EHO, Sedgemoor Council
    Sandra Cheung is an excellent EHO for Sedgemoor Council, but it’s her work with the Chinese community from Staffordshire to Plymouth and across Wales that makes her stand out. Fluent in Cantonese, and with a background in a family food business, Sandra has used these skills helping food businesses and local authorities by translating, advising and training to break down language barriers and improve communication on both sides. Beyond this, Sandra has also worked with local Chinese communities to heighten their awareness of crime, in an effort to increase their personal safety.

An individual who is a student or in the first three years of their professional career who demonstrates initiative and inspirational qualities in the field of environmental health. Award sponsored by Tascomi.

  • Daniel Rozario
    Daniel Rozario has just graduated from a 4 year MSc in Environmental Health. During this time he organised a two-week placement by himself with the Environmental Agency in Gibraltar. He also undertook a dissertation inspired by his partner who is an RE teacher resulting in a massive 547 responses to his stress questionnaire. Two years after his placement, his first Environmental Health job is back with the Environmental Agency in Gibraltar.
  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith wanted to work in food, but being based in Cornwall, rather than waiting for a job to come along, he set up Kernow Consult specialising food hygiene, health & safety. His dissertation looked at the health risks from smart phones in kitchens including a questionnaire survey of trainee chef and microbiological sampling from phone screens, he then presented this research at a CIEH Somerset branch meeting. He regularly speaks to students on working in private sector and setting up a business.
  • Helen Allen
    Helen Allen is a teacher at All Saints School in Weymouth and is committed to training school children in years 9,10,11 in CIEH Food Hygiene. Despite budgetary constraints, the school maintains support for the local tourist industry by providing young trained food handlers with a head start to enter the only expanding industry in this deprived area, with the knowledge to maintain high standards within the catering industry.
  • Hassan Alzain
    Upon the completion of his BSc in Environmental Health from Liverpool John Moores University in 2017, Hassan Alzain has been working at Saudi Aramco as an Environmental Scientist, with a focus on environmental and public health and development and management of environmental health regulations in the oil and gas industry. Hassan has participated in high-level operational excellence programs which aim to minimize risks to employees’ health. He was also responsible for introducing Nutrition Fact Sheets and Traffic Light Labelling to Saudi Arabia as an initiative, produced two approved patents (apparatus) and a noise mitigation and surveillance strategy.