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All the winners from the CIEH Excellence Awards 2017

Our 2017 CIEH Excellence Awards winners:

Wirral Council - Reducing the Strength of Custodians
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Judges’ comments:

This project stood out because of its ambition and its success in tackling this important social and public health problem.

The project delivered a range of tangible outcomes through excellent planning, a multi-agency approach and the very effective use of Environmental Health skills, which were at its core. Officers capitalised on opportunities during the project to enhance delivery and this enabled the initial, already challenging targets to be exceeded and the impact sustained.

It was an excellent submission, highlighting a very well planned, executed and evaluated public health initiative. All those involved are to be congratulated.  

Wiltshire Council, Care Choice and Selwood Housing - An innovative solution to a mental capacity noise problem
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Judges’ comments:

The judges felt this entry demonstrated an innovative approach to what might otherwise seem to be a straightforward formal enforcement situation.

A partnership approach with other relevant agencies, including the profiling of the ‘offender’ which helped develop the tailored – and lasting – solution. In times of challenging resources this delivered the maximum output and was a balanced and proportionate response.

It has served the conflicting requirements of neighbours and someone who also required significant support to live independently, and actually reduced the cost of that ongoing support. A good template for future multi-agency solutions.

Wayne Blything - Kick4Life
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Judges’ comments:

The judges were struck by the degree of personal commitment and enthusiasm of Wayne Blything.

Wayne, who was nominated by his work colleagues, undertook a unique intervention in a remote location and demonstrated huge personal commitment to the project and to enhancing lives through environmental health.

His project demonstrated the impact that an individual can have in really making a difference to people’s lives and the growth of the project post initial intervention and Wayne’s continued personal involvement demonstrated a level of commitment that, in our eyes, set him apart. He is a worthy winner of this award.

HS2LANC - Chiltern DC, Aylesbury Vale DC, LB Camden
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Judges’ comments:

The judges felt that this entry epitomised the category of Outstanding Environmental Health Team. This entry stood out due to the 15 cross boundary members who have worked together on such a high profile project that is HS2, culminating in responses to Government on tight timescales.

The professional development was displayed across a number of areas including noise and vibration impact assessment, inter-authority team/governance and budget to name a few. Indeed across all categories the team displayed outstanding achievements which will be of real reassurance and benefit to potentially adversely affected communities along the new rail route.

Hannah McMorran - Royal Navy
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Judges’ comments:

A strong entry which covered the professional development of Lt McMorran from graduate EHO to a confident Naval EHO. Evidence of work was split between onshore and tasks onboard, with experience gained in a number of areas.

The challenges overcame and the innovations for the Royal Navy with regard to food sampling and monitoring of cleaning standards are commendable. Evidence of CPD, problem-solving, innovation and personal reflection, all whilst learning to operate and live within a new organisation, made Lt McMorran stand out as achieving excellence.

Stephen Moore - Cannock Chase Council
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Judges’ comments:

The judges were impressed by Stephen's swift and effective action in implementing air quality monitoring for smoke from a fire at an illegal waste site that was causing concerns for residents of the affected communities.

Working closely with key partners and Public Health colleagues, his choice of monitoring sites, using the school and local pub and then presenting the current results and relevant health guidance through a bespoke page on the Council website, gave the public the reassurance needed on the health impact.

Documenting and disseminating the details of the incident will enable other local authorities to introduce appropriate contingency plans.

Jiani Ma - University of Birmingham
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Judges’ comments:

In the opinion of the judges Jiani’s involvement in the Chirpy Dragon project was a clear winner in the Rising Star category.

The project, which promotes a healthier diet and more active lifestyle, was remarkable in that engaged 61,000 participants (children, parents and teachers) across 43 primary schools.

Jiani has delivered significant change to the lifestyle of the target audience, observed through follow up data collection.

Jiani had demonstrated a commitment to continued professional development through development of her own research project and commencement of a PHd.

What is even more remarkable is that this has all been achieved one year post qualification which is a fantastic achievement – well done!  

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