Noise Conference: Regulation, Planning and Good Practice

Noise Conference17 April - London - 15Hatfields - Tickets sold out but we still have places available for our Public Health Conference in April and 10th Housing and Health Conference in May.

CIEH Noise Conference: Regulation, planning and good practice will discuss key issues associated with the management of environmental noise by environmental health professionals. The conference will include informative sessions on the recent Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise, as well as contemporary issues associated with noise nuisance, planning and management. 

CIEH Noise Conference will highlight challenges that need to be overcome by environmental noise experts, including major improvements to transport networks in the UK such as roads, rail, airports and ports, and also large scale regeneration projects. It will discuss current and future issues surrounding environmental noise and will highlight good practice for dealing with such issues with recent case studies.

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the implications of the new NTQP changes on Railway Noise
  • Review a case study on how one local authority successfully worked with Network Rail to deliver results
  • Explore the new Pro PG: Planning and Noise Guidance
  • Learn about the emerging concerns from noise nuisance, including festival noise and more common noise nuisance issues
  • Discuss the growing concern of traffic and congestion noise
  • Opportunity to meet relevant and useful exhibitors who will demonstrate the latest equipment available for local authorities to measure and manage noise and other nuisances

Who should attend: 

  • Environmental Protection Officers
  • Heads of Environmental Protection and Noise
  • Senior and Principal EHPs
  • Planners
  • Noise reducing technology providers
  • Those with a professional interest in statutory nuisance management

CPD: 5 Hours

▼ Programme 

09.30    Registration, exhibition viewing and refreshments 
10.00    Opening remarks
Chair: Graham Parry, Vice President (Groups Branches), Institute of Acoustics (invited)
10.10    Noise Management and the Planning System: Utilising Pro PG: Planning and Noise Guidance
Speaker: Dani Fiumicelli, Technical Director, Head of Noise and Vibration, Temple Group
10.45    Current Noise Policy Issues and Updates
- Discussing current noise issues
- Using the revised CIEH guidance on anti-social behaviour
Speaker: Stephen Turner, Stephen Turner Acoustics Limited
Speaker: John Pointing, Legal Partner, Statutory Nuisance Solutions
11.05    Questions and Answers 
11.15    Refreshment break and exhibition viewing 
11.45    The new 25 year environment strategy: workshop session
Speaker: Lewis Baker, Head of Noise and Nuisance, DEFRA
12.30    Lunch and exhibition viewing 
13.30    HS2Local Authority Noise Consortium: A Collaborative Success (case study)
Speaker: Stephen Braund, Senior Environmental Health Officer, Chiltern District Council
Speaker: Helen Masterson, Principal Environmental Health Officer Acting Noise & Licensing Manager, LB of Camden
Speaker: Richard Hiscock, Environmental Health Consultant, Aylesbury Vale District Council
14.00    Shared Intelligence through digital noise investigations
Speaker: Darren Walters, Team Leader, Environmental Protection, Newcastle Under Lyme Borough Council
14.30    Question and answer session 
14.40    Refreshment break and exhibition viewing 
15.10    Case Study of Injurious to Health Noise Nuisance
The case study is based on the rare instance of the health limb of statutory nuisance being involved in a low-frequency noise nuisance case
Speaker: John Pointing, Legal Partner, Statutory Nuisance Solution
15.40    How to Evaluate and Solve Fan Noise Problems Fast using New Techniques
Speaker: Peter Wilson, Technical Director, Industrial Noise & Vibration Centre
16.30    Close and collect CPD 
▼ Speakers 

Stephen Turner    Stephen Turner, Director, Stephen Turner Acoustics Limited

Stephen Turner MA, MSc, HonFIOA, has been working in the field of acoustics and noise control for over 40 years. His career has spanned both the public and private sector. As the former Vice President of the Institute of Acoustics, Stephen was a technical adviser to noise policy officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affair for over 15 years, including 4 years as a civil servant. During his private sector career, he worked on many noise and acoustics projects which included preparing and presenting expert evidence at Public Inquiry and in litigation. Stephen is a member of the European Commission's Noise Expert Group and a member of the European Environment Agency’s Expert Panel on Noise. He also chairs the British Standards committee on transportation noise.  Following the completion of his contract with Defra in January 2015, Stephen formed Stephen Turner Acoustics Limited and is now working as an independent acoustics consultant.
Dani Fiumicelli    Dani Fiumicelli, Technical Director (Head of Noise and Vibration), Temple Group

Dani joined Temple in 2011 as a Technical Director (Head of Noise and Vibration). He is a recognised noise and vibration expert with exceptional technical skills along with the ability to identify and deliver client aspirations.He has worked as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) in local government for 16 years, and since then has worked in consulting for AECOM, Symonds/Capita Symonds, Hyder, Principa, and Casella.
John Pointing

  John Pointing, Legal Partner, Statutory Nuisance Solution

John is a barrister with over 20 years experience in environmental and environmental health law. His practice includes advising and representing local authorities, commercial clients and private individuals. He has acted as a legal consultant for the Temple Group, URS and ARM Acoustics. More recently, he has undertaken research into various aspects of regulatory law, notably in the fields of statutory nuisance and food safety law. This has resulted in a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals.
Peter Wilson
  Peter Wilson, Technical Director, Industrial Noise & Vibration Centre

Peter Wilson has an engineering background plus 30 years of experience in the fields of noise analysis and control. Both he and the INVC have acquired a considerable reputation (and awards) for developing innovative assessment and noise control techniques across a wide range of applications and industries. He developed the current fan and BPM training noise workshops for the Environment Agency and is in demand internationally as a highly entertaining (and sometimes controversial) speaker
Graham Parry
  Graham Parry, Vice President (Groups & Branches), Institute of Acoustics

Graham is Managing Director of ACCON UK Limited and is a Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics and also Vice President (Groups & Branches). He has carried out environmental work in the transportation (rail, road and air) chemical, mining, petrochemical and architectural fields and worked extensively in the United Kingdom and internationally (including France, Spain, Finland, Ireland, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and Libya). He is experienced in the co-ordination and management of multi-disciplinary teams working on environmental issues, including noise, dust, water quality, socio-economic, ecology, landscape and air quality. He has also carried out due diligence studies, prepared environmental management plans and carried out environmental risk assessments. He is involved both in EIA and SEA for both specific projects and in relation to strategic policies.
    Steve Braund, Senior Specialist Environmental Health Officer, Chiltern and South Bucks District Council

Steve has been a Senior Specialist Environmental Health Officer with Chiltern and South Bucks District Council for eleven years. Steve has previously been an Environmental Protection Manager at London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Steve spent four years working on HS2 Hybrid Bill, the High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Act 2017, which received Royal Assent on 23 February 2017. Steve was part of the collaborative HS2LANC team, who worked for their local authorities and their communities affected by the planned construction and operation of HS2 Phase 1, the new high speed railway from London to Birmingham.
 Richard Hiscock
  Richard Hiscock, Environmental Health Consultant, Aylesbury Vale District Council

Richard has been a freelance environmental health consultant since 2015, currently under contract to Aylesbury Vale District to deal with HS2 noise issues and other planning matters. Previously Richard worked at Aylesbury Vale for 28 years, working up from a technical officer role in 1987 to the head of department in 2010.

During his time at Aylesbury Richard had a long association with the Luton Airport Consultative Committee dealing with transportation noise issues so when the HS2 project was announced it naturally fell to him to take on this project. Richard was part of the collaborative HS2LANC team.

Helen Masterson
  Helen Masterson Principal EHO and Acting Noise & Licensing Enforcement Manager at LB Camden

Helen is a chartered EHO professional with over 25 years experience in Local Government. She has worked for a number of local authorities including Islington Southwark and Camden. Helen now specialises in Noise, Pollution and Housing issues. She has particular expertise in major construction sites and managing impacts on the local community, Noise insulation mitigation, Statutory nuisance, Planning and Entertainment Noise. Whilst at Camden, Helen worked on the adoption of Busking Licensing under London LA Act; Camden was the first LA authority to do so on a borough wide basis. Helen spent three years working on HS2 Hybrid Bill, the High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Act 2017, which received Royal Assent in February 2017. Helen was part of the collaborative HS2LANC team, who worked for their local authorities and communities impacted by the planned construction and operation of HS2 Phase 1, the new high speed railway from London to Birmingham. HS2 LANC was subsequently recognised with two recent awards in 2017; CIEH excellence award for best EH Team and Noise Abatement society (John Connell) award for Best Collaborative team work

  • Lewis Baker, Head of Noise & Nuisance Noise, DEFRA
▼ Sponsors 

Cirrus Research    Cirrus Research

Cirrus Research is a world-leader in the design, manufacture and supply of noise measurement equipment. With 45 years’ experience, the R&D team continuously develop new technologies to provide complete, simple solutions for occupational and environmental noise monitoring. Its customer service, industry knowledge and calibration services are renowned with all of its products manufactured in the UK. This is backed up with a standard 15-year warranty on all Cirrus manufactured products. #weknownoise
Cirrus Research 

The INVC a multi-award winning engineering consultancy with a reputation for developing unique, innovative ways to solve, rather than just measure, noise problems. These are widely recognised as defining current best practice as they reduce typical project costs by 50% - 80% compared with conventional techniques. Consequently, we are often retained by public bodies and by industry to provide definitive rulings on what constitutes Best Practical Means (BPM) or Best Available Technology (BAT) - particularly where fan noise is an issue.
RHE Global
  RHE Global 

RHE Global is a specialist company pioneering new digital technologies to transform public protection. The Noise App released in 2015 is now used by over 160 public bodies with more joining every month. It has changed the experience for noise sufferers and noise nuisance investigators for the better. Everyone benefits from the streamlined process which builds trust, based on reliable, validated data.

Evidence collected through The Noise App has been used successfully in court on a number of cases. Recent academic research has recognised significant social benefits with large cost savings. With 1/4 million noise reports already processed, The Noise App releases the investigator from old and time consuming methods and equipment. Officers are fully supported with a cloud management platform, reducing the burden of complaint handling. The platform can be used for securely sharing cases with other agencies (police, housing associations etc).
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