Noise Management Refresher Workshop

Noise Management
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29 November

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This workshop has been designed for EHPs, and particularly those who now find themselves having responsibility for addressing noise issues having not done so for several years. It would also be suitable for those working on noise, either who have done so for some time or who are just embarking on their career as an EHP.

Why you should attend:

The aim of the workshop is to remind delegates about the impact and effects of noise and why it can be a challenge to address. The workshop will look at:

  • current noise policy and its implementation;
  • the key tools available to EHPs in the form of relevant standards and guidance, and
  • other noise-related topics that may cross an EHP’s desk from time to time.

The purpose would be to provide the delegates with a comprehensive overview of the subject so that they can fulfil their responsibilities with more confidence. Information will also be provided on further reading and about other courses that would enable delegates to study the subject in more detail.

The workshop will have four parts. It will start with an accessible introduction to noise, considering why it is an issue that needs managing and explaining why it is a complex issue. The second session will discuss current noise policy – primarily focused on England – looking at the range of policy documents that exist and how they relate to each other and considering which policy applies to a particular situation.

The third session will look at the various relevant legislation, standards and guidelines that are available. A brief overview of the key elements will be described and comments provided on their application. The final session will cover a range of miscellaneous other topics which an EHP working in this field might encounter.

Who should attend:

All those who are now responsible for managing noise issues in some capacity or who would simply welcome the chance to refresh their understanding of noise. This could include:

  • Environmental Health Practitioners
  • Housing Officers
  • Environmental Protection Officers
  • Technical Officers
  • Planners
  • Local government workers

CPD: 5 Hours

▼ Programme 

09:30   Registration
09.45   Introductions
10.00   Interactive session considering the fundamentals of sound and noise; the effects that can occur and why it can be a challenging issue to address.  This will provide a useful insight particularly for those coming to this area either again or for the first time.  Experienced practitioners will also find this session gives a good opportunity to consider again the basic aspects of noise.
11.00   Break
11.15   Current Noise Policy
The current noise policy will be described, focusing primarily on England.  This will include the Government’s over-arching policy which is set out in the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE), the noise elements of the National Policy Statements (NPSs) and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF); and the Planning Practice Guidance on Noise (PPG(N)).  The session will show how they relate to each other and which policy applies to which situation.  The responsibilities of plan makers and decision takers will be discussed and examples of local implementation will be explored.  Delegates are invited to bring the noise and related elements of their own authorities’ development frameworks and plans for discussion.
12.45   Lunch
13.15   Noise Management Tools
This session will look at relevant legislation, standards and guidance that provide the tools that are available to assist in the management of noise.  This will include considering the key parts of the Environmental Protection Act 1990; the Control of Pollution Act 1974; the Noise Act 1996; the Licensing Act 2003; British Standards 4142, 8233 and 5228 and the WHO guidelines, and how they might be used in different situations.
14.45   Break
15.00   This session will cover various other topics that might come across an EHP’s desk including implementing Development Consent Orders; the Noise at Work Regulations; Environmental Noise Action Plans, local green spaces, tranquillity and quiet areas.  Information will be provided regarding potential further reading and further courses that might be taken to study the subject in more depth.
16.00   General Discussion
An opportunity to follow up on any issues, followed by completion of the workshop evaluation form and collecting CPD certificates.
16:30   Collect 5 hours CPD and depart
▼ Trainer 

Stephen Turner MA, MSc, HonFIOA 

Stephen Turner Stephen Turner MA, MSc, HonFIOA, has been working in the field of acoustics and noise control for around 38 years. His career has spanned both the public and private sector. A former vice-president of the Institute of Acoustics, Stephen was a technical adviser to noise policy officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affair for over 15 years, including 4 years as a civil servant. During his private sector career, he worked on many noise and acoustics projects which included preparing and presenting expert evidence at Public Inquiry and in litigation. Stephen is a member of the European Environment Agency’s Expert Panel on Noise and has recently been appointed as chair of the British Standards committee on transportation noise. Following the completion of his contract with Defra in January 2015, Stephen formed Stephen Turner Acoustics Limited and is now working as an independent acoustics consultant.

▼ What past delegates thought 

“Probably the most knowledgeable acoustician I've ever had the pleasure to meet. What he doesn't know about acoustics probably isn't worth knowing.” Senior EH Officer

“Knowledge of speaker was extremely good. His past involvement with Defra and other organisations meant that he could provide a perspective on standards, policy and technical guidance which many others could not.” Environmental Health Officer

“Speaker's personal experience and knowledge were main reason for satisfaction with event”  

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