Reaction to Health Committee's report on Public Health post-2013

Publication Date: 1st September 2016

Subject: Public health

Following the release of the Health Committee’s report on Public health post-2013, Tony Lewis, Head of Education and Policy at CIEH, said: 

“Reducing public health funding is clearly a concern and weakens local authority’s ability to deliver essential services. However, the Government’s plans to give local authorities the capacity to retain 100% of their business rates provides an excellent opportunity, once the ring-fenced public health funding has gone, to strategically consider how much they spend on health inequalities at a local level.

“National policies, such as the sugar tax and a new Cabinet Minister co-ordinating health across all Government areas, are all well and good. But what we really need is strong direction from the Government to guide local authorities as to how they can implement evidenced, ‘place-based’ public health initiatives, which looks at health needs in relation to what is happening on the ground in local communities. CIEH's Mapping Health Toolkit enables local authorities to achieve this goal.

“Environmental health is the local workforce delivering public health on a daily basis and our members need to be integrated within all future strategies and policies at a local level, working alongside the public health workforce. Only then can we improve the health and wellbeing of everyone.”


Notes to editors 

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