CIEH responds to public health spending cuts

Publication Date: 9th June 2015

Subject: CIEH

Responding to the Government's announcement of £200m cuts to the public health budget, Graham Jukes, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), said: 

“Before the General Election we called for public health funding for local government to be ring-fenced beyond 2016 and there was every indication in the Conservative party manifesto that would be the case. We were therefore extremely disappointed to see that the Chancellor has now asked the Department of Health to slash its public health funding by a further £200million.

“Together with a further 8.6% reduction in overall local government expenditure, cuts to public health will undermine the progress that has been made since the establishment of Public Health England in pursuing a bolder preventative health agenda, which will ultimately produce significant savings in the NHS. This is short-term thinking at its worst, preventative public health interventions are long term, leading to benefits in improved health and well-being of the nation long into the future.

“Cuts to local government have already meant that the re-organisation and reordering of essential public health services provided by local councils through Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) are pared to the bone. The size of these cuts, particularly in large urban areas, will make it increasingly difficult to provide the planning, coordination and trained staff necessary to ensure the food we buy or eat in restaurants is safe, the most vulnerable in society are protected from poor housing conditions and essential support is given to enable small businesses to grow.

“This government needs to plan and provide funding over a much longer timescale than a single parliament if it is to achieve their objectives as these cuts will lead to a reduction of front-line services, as well significantly increase health inequalities.”


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