CIEH welcomes Pembrokeshire Council ‘Smoke Free Beach’ initiative

Publication Date: 9th March 2016

Subject: Public health

The CIEH has warmly welcomed Pembrokeshire County Council’s smoke free beach initiative, which has seen Little Haven in Pembrokeshire being declared Wales’s first smoke-free beach. The voluntary ban on smoking tobacco and using e cigarettes comes into force on 9 March, National No Smoking Day. 


Little Haven beach 


Julie Barratt, Director of CIEH Wales, said: “The beautiful beaches in Wales should be treated like any other public place and we’re right behind Pembrokeshire Council’s campaign to keep Little Haven smoke-free.

“Going to the beach should be filled with eating ice-creams and enjoying the sun, not having to breathe in other people’s smoke. We hope smokers visiting Little Haven will light-up elsewhere and this will not only keep our beaches immaculate but also help improve people’s health and wellbeing – especially that of young people and children.”


Notes to editors 

Link to Pembrokeshire County Council news story:,2212&id=29016 

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