CIEH welcomes CAB report into poor housing

Publication Date: 21st May 2015

Subject: Housing

Following the report from Citizens Advice Bureau which says that rogue landlords are receiving £5.6billion a year for unsafe homes that fail to meet legal standards, Bob Mayho, Principle Policy Officer for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, said: 

“This report adds further evidence that there are an unacceptable number of properties in England that fail to meet decent living standards and this is totally unacceptable for a modern country in the 21st Century.”

“Local Authorities are struggling to deal with the rapid growth of the private rented sector, in particular with ensuring tenants don’t suffer from excessive cold, damp and mould, slips and unsafe conditions.”

“Councils may have the powers but they don't necessarily have the resources to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords and we want to see the Government urgently tackle the most pressing housing issues facing the country, including the quality of decent, affordable accommodation in the private-rented sector. We would also support the calls in Citizens Advice’s report for a national register of landlords and making it easier for councils to introduce licensing.”



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