Citizen's Advice's cold homes improvement plans welcomed by CIEH

Publication Date: 27th October 2016

Subject: Housing

Following Citizen’s Advice’ call for the government to make landlords carry out improvements costing less than £5,000 that will take homes up to the minimum Band E standard, Bob Mayho, Principal Policy Officer for the CIEH, said:  

“The vast majority of landlords provide good quality accommodation but this report shines an important light on people who have to live in the freezing cold. In this day and age this is a travesty and the victims often are vulnerable people, increasingly reliant on the private rented sector.

“Living in cold conditions has the potential to seriously impact tenants’ physical health and mental wellbeing. Measures to engage landlords to bring their properties up to scratch is a step in the right direction and we support Citizen’s Advice proposals to ensure rented accommodation meets the minimum Band E standard.” 


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