CIEH celebrates environmental health excellence at House of Lords

July saw the CIEH Awards take place with 14 people being celebrated for their outstanding achievements in the field of environmental health. 


CIEH Award - Winner  

Dawn Welham with her Professional of the Year (Private Sector) award

Sponsored by Lord Rooker, long-time supporter of the CIEH, the ceremony took place on Monday 11 July at the House of Lords, with a backdrop of stunning panoramic views of the Thames.

The CIEH Awards is an annual ceremony which recognise and celebrate organisations and individuals who have made a positive contribution to improving business performance or improving people’s health and wellbeing.

This year’s the judging panel included CIEH Chief Executive, Anne Godfrey, CIEH President, Tim Everett, Ellie Greenwood, of the Local Government Association, and Peter Mather, a Regional Safety Business Partner for Sainsbury’s.

Together, the judging panel looked to celebrate anyone that works within the field of environmental health across the public and private sector and considered a diverse range of entries.

On the day, Anne Godfrey introduced each of the winners before receiving their awards from the two leading figures at the CIEH, namely Andy Statham and Tim Everett, Chair of the Board of Trustees and CIEH Present respectively.

Winners on the day included people like Nigel Shire, awarded Graduate of the Year having been nominated by the University of West of England, and Flintshire County Council being presented with organisation of the Year (Public Sector) recognising their role in leading Operation Base, a multi-organisation initiative that rescued 107 illegally trafficked East European agricultural workers, who were being housed in a disused office block.

Further awards were given out to outstanding students who had taken Level 4 exams and fellowships were also presented to three people who had either produced a thesis or were nominated.

There was even an international winner with someone attending all the way from the Philippines to receive the Organisation of the Year (Private Sector) on behalf of The Food Safety & Hygiene Academy.

All the winners on the day:  


Name and organisation  

Graduate of the Year Award – Gold medallist 

Nigel Shire 

Graduate of the Year Award – Silver medallist 

Evie Burgess 

Fellowship Awards 

Ben Simms, Sarah Davidson, Mark Ball 

Professional of the Year – Public Sector 

Richard Frances, Wiltshire Council 

Professional of the Year – Private Sector 

Dawn Welham, SAI Global 

Organisation of the Year – Public Sector 

Flintshire County Council 

Organisation of the Year – Private Sector 

The Food Safety & Hygiene Academy of the Philippines 

Outstanding Achievement Award 

David Edwards, Founding Director Cmi PLC 

Top Student Award for Level 4 Health and Safety in the Workplace 

Sean Field, Greenline HSTC 

Top Student Award for Level 4 in Food Safety Management for Manufacturing 

Olivia Cunliffe, Isbourne Environmental Limited 

Top Student Award for Level 4 in Managing Food Safety in Catering 

Ashleigh Culver, Food Hygiene Centre Ltd 


And Richard George, Royal Naval Catering School 




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