CIEH develops environmental health guidance to improve children’s wellbeing

As part of the CIEH’s commitment to improve children’s health and wellbeing, we have produced a guidance factsheet for school governors so they can implement their own health initiatives.  

World EH day 

Advancing the health and wellbeing of children was the theme of the most recent World Environmental Health Day held last September. As the foremost environmental health membership body in the UK, the CIEH has got behind the campaign by producing a guidance factsheet for school governors – ‘Children are our future let’s protect their environment and health’.

The factsheet was developed by Sharon Smith, Regional Stakeholder Manager for the CIEH, and includes an introduction to what environmental health is all about, why environmental health is important for school children and advice on how to address issues and implement new initiatives, as well as where to go for further help.

Sharon Smith said that in addition to what parents do in their own homes, a safe, healthy and supportive school is an important protective factor in helping children and young people stay healthy and avoid risks – a public health benefit that extends throughout their life.

“Education is not just about teaching children their times tables or how to spell properly. Healthier children achieve better educational outcomes and we hope this factsheet will help school governors implement policies that will really benefit children’s quality of life for the better,” said Sharon Smith.

Some of the suggestions within the guidance factsheet for school governors to implement or consider at schools include ensuring that that play facilities are safe, children have access to clean drinking water and making sure the impacts from being too close to a busy road, including noise and pollution, are minimised.

Sharon Smith added: “Environmental health concerns play an important role in our everyday lives, irrespective of age or background. We know that children are particularly vulnerable to adverse environmental and behavioural factors and if we can improve their health and wellbeing then it will give them a solid foundation to achieve later in life.”

Further information around how the CIEH is contributing to World Environmental Health Day is available on the CIEH website.

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